David Beckham Set to Stay with Galaxy

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The proposed move for David Beckham to Paris Saint-Germain has been confirmed not to push through.

Nasser al-Khalaifi, the president of the French club, told media in Qatar on Tuesday that the English football star is heading back to Galaxy.

He expressed that they felt a bit disappointed, but that both sides both agreed that it would be better not to pursue the transfer. “Maybe in the future,” he said.

Beckham’s five-year contract with Galaxy amounting to $32.5 million hit its expiration on New Year’s Eve. He had since been approached by clubs in Brazil, England, Italy, and as far as the Middle East.

PSG, the club that had spent over $100 million on its players ever since the Qatar Investment Authority, the quasi-governmental agency, bought 70% of the club in May last year, seemed to have the most leveraging power until last week.

The French newspapers L’Equipe and Le Parisien published stories last week about the 36-year-old Beckham agreeing to some terms with PSG. On Friday, though, Leonardo, the sporting director of PSG, conceded that there was a possibility the superstar would not be coming since it would require him to uproot his family from their Beverly Hills home.

At a press conference intended to introduce the new coach of PSG, Carlo Ancelloti, former Milan, Juventus, and Chelsea coach, Leonardo was quoted as saying that they never in any way said that the Beckham move was “a done deal.” He proceeded to say that it always depended highly on “personal matters.”

Leonardo had coached Beckham on his 2010 loan period at AC Milan.

By Tuesday, Al-Khlaifi had formally acknowledged Beckham’s decision to stay with the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Tim Leiweke, the president of AEG or owners of Galaxy, commented that it was not confirmed yet. On Tuesday, also, he told ESPN Los Angeles that although they were confident Beckham would be back, it was not yet a finalized decision.

Throughout the process of finalizing the deal framework, sources indicate that Beckham was considering one more important factor for his decision: the willingness of Galaxy to accommodate him if ever he would be chosen to play for England in the London Olympic Games this summer, as Beckham was apparently a key pitchman for Britain’s bid.

Beckham’s impact in the marketing of Major League Soccer worldwide, as well as for making America’s top league an alluring destination for the best players, cannot be undermined. In fact, it had played a major role in the Galaxy’s last season run to a second consecutive Supporters’ Shield, as the champion for the regular season of MLS, and the third cup title for the club in the MLS.

Leiweke confirmed that the Galaxy offered Beckham a contract for one year that has the contemplation of another year should both parties feel that it was the best course to take.

Beckham camp reports insist that the club has since improved the initial offering, following the clear indication that he was considering a move to Paris.

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