Data handling systems

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All organisations, from schools to a doctor’s surgery, need to use data handling systems. They are vital for the running of the business and to keep on track of all information that is needed to ensure things run smoothly. These organisations use their data handling systems by sorting and processing data that is of importance.

I have chosen a hair salon as my organisation. This is because this is an organisation I am used to and could use an organised alternative, as they have a lot of important information that is needed to run the business.

The current system in a hair salon is quite unorganised. Most hair salons use grids on paper to arrange all their appointments, with headings (name, contact numbers, treatment, time of appointment), that is stored in a notebook or a filing cabinet.

There are many problems with this system. Paper can get easily lost, which is a huge problem for the running of the salon. Space is wasted in the building with the big filing cabinets, which can waste time in trying to find paper inside it. Paper can become dog-eared and therefore important data made hard to read, and it’s easy to spill liquids onto the information, which once again is vital to the business.

Using a computerised data base would benefit the business a lot. The filing cabinets could be thrown out, as the computer does not take up as much space. Information is stored in organised folders and databases that will make making appointments quicker to sort out and easier to find and hard to lose! You can have a back-up disc of all the information on the computer, so even if the computer crashes you don’t lose the data completely. None of the information can be ‘worn down’ by constant fingers and the turning of pages, and spilt drink of food remains.

I will be creating an ICT database system to replace the existing filing cabinet system. I will be using Microsoft Access for this task, which is easy to use and I will teach you the basics. This will be a lot easier for the business and you will benefit from all the positive aspects that come along with it.

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