Data Capture and Input

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To obtain data on the staff I took the previous paper stored files from the stores cabinets and for the hours worked I used the previous months statistics also from paper. The secondary function of obtaining these data, which is from the Internet, requires a PC and Knowing the web sites. Which you could find out by reading back of certain magazines which has their websites or by asking a friend or somebody that is into games, and of course you can go to surf the web. Data Capture and Input:

There are various ways of entering the information onto a computer so that there are various ways of entering the information onto a computer so that the data can be processed or stored onto the computer. I will take a look at the main ones listed below: Key To Disk – This is typing the data onto the computer using a keyboard, although this isn’t expensive and is easy to use, it does take quite a lot of time and errors are often caused by this method. But still, this method is practical and simple and can be used for our system.

Barcode Reader and POS – The items can be labelled with barcode labels and be scanned through a machine when the item is sold, and all data regarding what has been sold can sent to the point of sale system (POS) and there all information is recorded. With the data in the POS the owner can evaluate the patterns of sale and what is selling and what isn’t. The company I am designing a system for sells in bulk and have lots of customers so this is a good thing to have because this is used at retail outlets where they have many customers and have to process material quickly.

Optical Character Recognition – This equipment scans the page containing text and studies each character and compares them with what has been stored. Although some of these can read the text quickly there is an extremely high rate of errors being caused. This will not be used because the equipment is expensive and isn’t reliable. Optical Mark Reader – This scans marks and converts them into characters. My system consists of letters and numbers and not marks therefore there aren’t going to be any marks to convert. After looking at all the method I can clearly see that information will have to be typed onto the computer.

A lot of data is not going to be repeatedly typed and there isn’t going to any training needed to use this method. This method is easy, cheap and practical and as my company does not need to enter much information onto their system they will not need to use something like a barcode reader which is used for processing large amounts of data at a fast speed. Data Validation: – To minimise any mistakes or errors in the information put onto the system to calculate profit or loss, there are many methods in which the computer can use to do this:

Character type check: This makes sure that the correct types of characters have been entered Range check: This makes sure the numbers are between the specified range Spell check: Makes sure that words have been written accurately For Validation you can also use IF statements, which will prompt you if there is the data entered, goes beyond what you have specified. You can for example say that the data should not exceed stock level and if it exceeds stock level to write error so that you are aware. For this you can do many checks, which will minimise the chance of any mistakes.

One that you can use is the range check which is =IF (G2;STOCK! C3;,”OK”,”ERROR”) In this the computer looks at G2 and looks if it is more than the stock in STOCK! C3, if it is then “ok” will be displayed and if not then “error” will be displayed. Spreadsheets I am going to do: – The spreadsheets that I will be creating will be of the payroll and one of personal information of my employees. It will include all necessary information such as ‘hours worked’ and ‘overtime’ and will also contain confidential information such as Telephone, Address and National Insurance Number.

They then can help me to work out who gets paid what and whether the rotation system is working so that everybody gets roughly the same hours worked therefore the same pay at the end of each month. This spreadsheet will be very useful because it will show me the amount of money which is needed to keep the store open and then I will cross reference it with the profit I make in a month. If I manage to find a major decrease in money it will help me to make adjustments or if need be shut down that firm. The following is how my spreadsheet should roughly look like and is an example of how it should be set out.

To test if the new system will work a number of tests will need to be carried out. The person who will be using the system for the finances (the owner) will test to see if it is easy for him to use the system and whether it is user friendly to him. I will also have to see if my new system was faster to operate or whether it was quicker to use the company’s old system. To do this the same owner will test figures, first on the computer and then by hand, this will prove to us, which one is quicker and easier.

Also I will create payslips for staff to show that the formula used in the main tables was correct and that the system works well. If there are any errors modifications will be made to improve the system. The system must be accurate, test using valid and invalid data to see if the system outputs the correct responses. What prediction can be made? : – One prediction I could make is that if I were to increase the tax rates I will save a lot more money because less money will be distributed to wages.

However there is a downside, which is that fewer people would work for me because of the high taxes I charge. Another prediction that could be made is that if I were to increase pay per hour I would lose a vast amount of money because more funds have been distributed to wages. On the other hand I will have no problems finding people to work for me because they will receive high wages. How will the information be displayed? : – The information from my spreadsheet can be displayed as a table or I can display it in the format of any graph or chart e.

g. line graph, bar chart, histogram, pie chart etc. when I print out my spreadsheet it will come out as a table but it can be easily changed by highlighting the column you wish to display then simply by clicking the Bar Chart tab. The following is an incomplete pie chart, which is an example of how information can be displayed. I will be using bar charts to display my data so that I can easily spot any errors and can gradually see how much wages I have to pay over a certain amount of time e. g. 1 year, 2 year etc.

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