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Each shift manager has their own style but mostly is orientated around the democratic style just interpreted in their own ways. The democratic is best suited to Pizza Hut because it is quite a busy restaurant and problems arise quite frequent so if each individual can make decisions it makes the business run more smoothly and faster so the customer is more satisfied. Cultures are built up over the years of an organisation although can be suddenly transformed by managing styles changing. There are several different types of cultures.

Power culture, is keyed down to centralisation. This is often found within in small organisation where control is often by on individual. The decision-making in this type of organisation is down to the individual to move well and react quickly to threat or danger of the business. Role culture is associated with Bureaucracies which are larger organisations in which each member has a specific role to carry out. Businesses would be divided into different functions and often have a hierarchical ordering of offices.

Task culture, is teams working together to complete projects. They may work with each other for short or long periods of time. In this there is a strong emphasis in building a team. Each member will need to share values and aspirations. They also will need to feel very valued to the company they work for with this type of culture.

Person culture, individuals are very much central. The organisation needs to operate in only the interests of those within it. These are more likely to be found in co-operatives and non profitable organisations. Apart from with neutral consent hierarchies are impossible in person cultures. The organisation can not evict a group member but they can only leave the organisation of self choice. In this type of organisation each individual has total freedom and can move in any direction with any style as they please.

Pizza Hut suits best to the Role Culture. It has main managers but there are specific jobs that are assigned to each member working on that specific shift. Flat and Tall Structures Flat and tall structures refer to the number of levels or within the structure or hierarchy of the business. It is set out to show every ones role and authority within the organisation. It makes it easy to see the chain of command.

Span of control is the number of people that are directly supervised by the one person. ICT ICT has transformed ways of communication within a business. The use of e-mail has replaced many communications carried out by letters, fax, and phone calls. Networked databases replaced traditional systems of filing and storing information. At Pizza Hut they have an internal computer system called GSUS. This is a very valuable program to Pizza Hut and without it would not be able to operate. The system sorts out all the pay slips, it processors all orders taken and prints them out in the kitchen for the food to be made. It also deals with all cash handling procedures for example how much money each employee has taken that night or how much money the restaurant has taken that night so they know how much each person has to cash in at the end of their shift.

Externally is also quite important for a lot of companies to have ICT. At Pizza Hut the ICT is used for contacting head office and sending and receiving sales figures and pay amount etc. Pizza Hut doesn’t contact and other companies or organisations from each of its restaurants, but a lot of companies do to help them run there businesses. ICT has not had a massive impact on Pizza Hut because of the type of business it is but it has still had a significant impact because the way that ICT is used in Pizza Hut it could not operate with out the use of ICT that they have.

The Use of networked database in Pizza Hut saves the traditional way of filing and storing information. With networked databases it makes it a lot easier an faster to look at any one persons details and or list workers in order of start date etc. The particular branch of Pizza Hut that I am doing my report on is meeting and working beyond its target. This is proven for the data I have seen that Pizza Hut Doncaster 2 is currently working at a 120% through flow profit. For sales improvement there is a target of 11.8% sales growth per year. This branch of Pizza Hut is currently improving by __% each year. There are three stages of the development of quality.

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