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In any aspect of the business being up to date is necessary as if work is left pending for too long it begins to pile up very quickly. If all my work is done in time and kept up to date I can avoid having to spend extra hours working overtime to catch up. Being up to date I would have all the needed information I need ready for when I need to reference it for example being up to date with stock, creditors and financial accounts you can easily see what is needed and how everything is going within the business.

On the other hand always trying to be up to date with work may result in having to work overtime anyway for certain reasons one being not having enough time to complete what is needed. One way to solve this would be to draw up a schedule so as to allocate time on a regular basis to keep up to date with work. This is a problem could lead to further complications that could cause my business to suffer.

Instead of spending time looking up information and doing research I my make a quick decision regarding the business which may end up costing me a lot of money in the long run when it could have been easily avoided by focusing on what I was doing and thinking it through. At some point I may leaving work undone to leave to do something else this could be filling out stock order’s or financial accounts, these will then become a larger work load for myself to complete which could lead to me not doing them properly.

To avoid this I can follow a schedule and focus on my work fully when it needs to be done so as not to make mistakes while still leaving time for me to peruse with leisure activates. his is a vital part of any business communication and working with others. It is important to get along with others as it is important that your employees don’t see you as just an authority figure but as a person they can talk to. I have also be able to talk with customers and supplies these are people I will have to deal with on a daily basis and is important to come across as a friendly person and crate an environment free from tension.

Once this is accomplished then employees and costumers may come to me with ideas and suggestions for my biasness, allowing me to hopefully improving the business in general. If I did not get along with others none of this would be possible and the business would suffer as customers would not see the business as a friendly place thus putting them off returning and employees beginning to resent myself and not working as well as they could. This is important as making rash decisions could end up being fatal decisions for my biasness.

It is important that I think all my choices though so as to avoid making the wrong decisions for my business. Making choices to quickly may give customers and my employees a bad impression of what I am like. This can be avoided by sitting down and looking at what my choices are and then looking at date and making notes and comparing data so as to be sure the choice I pick is the one that will be most beneficial for my business in the hopes to attract more customers and allowing my business to grow and expand.

It is important that my family support me with the work I want to do so I know I can rely on them for moral support and to help in ways needed. If I need help with a decision with the business I can get advice as it is always a good idea to get an outside point of view, if at any point I am short handed at work I could call on my family to help me with my work load. Without family to support me in times of difficulty I will have server problems and no one to help me though.

This is a quality I will not want to have at all as starting up a business is always difficult and requires a lot of time and effort. If I wish for my business to be successful and grow then I must continue working hard even when at times I feel it is too much. The only way to avoid such a negative quality would be to really think if this is what I want to do then going after it to the best of my abilities.

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