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In this way it helps the performance of Asda in many ways. Asda has a variety of services in which it can help its customers to stay and shop. Successful companies like Asda make the customers feel like a king; they do this by placing a great emphasis on good customer care and service. Consumerism has resulted in a new culture amongst those purchasing goods and services. Consumers are ready to complain if products are defective in any way.

In order to maintain the business’s image and standing to avoid consumers resorting to the law, business regularly establish customer service departments. Customer service is very important, the first impression of a customer dealing with an organization- wherever as a shopper, a visitor or when speaking over the telephone – is based on the level of customer service he or she receives. Is the person who deals with the customer polite and helpful, or is the person unhelpful and not interested in the customer’s request? The result will be a good impression – or a bad impression- of the whole of Asda.

If the impression is good, the person will want to do business again; if the impression is bad, the organization will probably have lost a customer for good. Many organizations have a customer service department, and shops often have a customer service desk, as shown in the picture below: A customer service desk Customer service is not only providing a service for external customers but for internal customers as well. Internal customers are people who you work with, for example other employees in Asda but working in another department.

External customers are customers who usually shop at Asda and will, look to find a variety of products and services. Customer care puts customer service into operation. If you get a part time job in an organization or at work placement, you may have to deal with customers, over a counter, at a reception desk, over the telephone, or else where on the premises. Many business organizations run special customer care training programmes, spending much time and money ensuring that their employees provide a high level of customer service.

What is a customer care scheme? It concentrates the whole business on the needs of the customer rather than the needs of the business or the employee. It is an attitude which should run through the whole organization from the managing director to the most junior sales assistant. The 21st century customers have increasingly high expectations, so customer service is going beyond these expectations and not simply meeting them. Every 4 weeks there is a mystery shopper”. This is done through trading standards.

The mystery shopper shops in Asda and monitors the employees and checks if they are working to their objectives in customer service. ASDA are keeping a good score on its objectives as every 4 weeks (and through the mystery shopper) each store receives a lot of other ASDA stores and this shows how well they have ranked. ASDA also inform customers and the general public about how successful “rollback” is doing as they tell them through TV adverts and posters across their stores. Customer shopping habits also help ASDA to meet their objectives. An average shopper spends i??

4,000 per year on shopping. Through an additional service, known as “Home Shopping” customer numbers/figures have risen over the years. Other than benefits to business and staff there are a range of services which Asda provide (other than low prices). To meet customer expectation and achieve customer satisfaction, which can be obtained from ASDA’s website www. asda. co. uk. These services are: 200% Asda brand and fresh produce guarantee, this service enables customers to get a full refund or replacement if they are not satisfied with the Asda brand food and fruit and veg.

Also like for the blind customers, their products are in Braille. Tinned products in particular all feel the same to somebody who is blind; it is invaluable for them to have these marked on a label in Braille, which then can be stuck on to the product so that they can identify them properly. This can either be done at the customer service desk or somebody goes round the store with a blind person. Asda is the only retailer to offer this service across all stores, and a number of stores have received a remarkable amount of positive PR as a result.

Asda also has electric scooters service; this is a scooter with an elevating seat, enabling disabled customers to reach products on the top shelves as well as products lower down. If they did not have these scooters there will be less disabled people shopping at Asda so they will lose out in profit, and more disabled people will come after seeing their services they are providing. Asda also has a online shopping service where you can buy products such as groceries, DVDs, games and flowers etc. Just by the click of the mouse the products, you ordered can be delivered to your home safely and hassle free.

Below is a screen print of the logging in screen after you have logged in, you can pick the items you want and it will come up in a shopping list with the total cost which can then be delivered to your home. Also they have a 28 day guarantee in which If you are not happy with your purchase simply return it in its original condition, with proof of purchase, within 28 days of purchase and they will give you a full refund or replacement* To qualify for an exchange or refund, products returned need to be complete with all components and original packaging.

Asda also have brolly patrols this is when the Greeter is trained to offer customers the facility of being led to their car under the shelter of an umbrella. This is particularly used for customers with small children, the elderly or those customers Who look to be struggling with their shopping load. Asda are also very helpful to the customers they offer a jump lead service, this is where the Greeters and Porters are trained to identify when a customers car has broken down or won’t start in the Car Park, these colleagues will then assist you in getting your car started with jump leads using the Store Manager’s car to get you back on the road.

By doing this jump lead service customers will now see how helpful Asda’s employees are so they might shop their more often. Asda also has advertises shown on TV of all their latest offers or how low the price is. By doing this customers of Asda’s competitors like Tesco and Morrison are more likely to shop at Asda after seeing how low the prices are. Asda offers a wide range of trolleys ranging from our smaller smart shoppers to our larger 175-litre trolley with child seats.

To make the shopping experience finish on a good term, they have a special bag packing service in which all there checkout staff will be happy to help pack your bags. Asda’s staffs are very well trained and will make sure everything is packed accordingly, e. g. fresh, frozen breakables Etc. By using these services customers and consumers are more likely to return and shop there so it will benefit Asda so it can improve more on there services and the customers will buy more then.

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