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The content information for my brochure in the specification said it should include Travel facts, Restaurants and cafes, Shopping, Accommodation and sight seeing. All of these requirements are in my brochure and as a result I also achieved this. The brochure should have been comfortable to hold for the user. The majority of people in my questionnaire found the brochure comfortable to hold so consequently I accomplished this. The format in my brochure was to be Lucinda calligraphy because it was the most popular format from my questionnaire. Therefore I used this style in the brochure and attained the customer’s desires.

In my specification, I had decided to make a stand for my brochure to be placed in. The stand was expected to look presentable and also be Italian looking for customers to take notice. The outcome of my stand appears presentable and has an Italian appearance, therefore I achieved this point. The sign on the front of the stand had to attract customers to picking up the brochure. The sign did draw customers’ attention as seen in my questionnaire. The shape of the stand was to be smart and eye catching. The customers in my questionnaire said they thought the stand design was eye catching, therefore I achieved this aim. My specification said that I was to use the wood Medium Density fibre board which I did achieve to use and therefore I used MDF primer paint as it was suitable for the wood.

When adding to my specification, I decided to make a business card to advertise the brochure that was to include a picture, address, email, website, fax and manager of the company. I made sure all these pieces of information were on my business card so I achieved this. I was also to use ink jet card to print the business card and it must include the colours red, blue, green and black. I did not use ink jet card because but as a substitute I used photo card. As a result I did not go along with what my specification said. However, the outcome of the card was very good quality. I did manage to the colours red, blue, green and black in the business card which was very vital as the customers requested this in the questionnaire.

How well does my product do what I set out to do? I tested my three products to see what the customers’ opinion was of the brochure, the stand and the business card. The majority said that their first impression of the stand was attractive. This was near enough to fit its intended impression as my specification said the stand must be attractive. If it is attractive, the customers are more likely to pick up the brochure. The title was meant to look very Italian looking and most people thought this when I asked for their opinion. Most people’s thoughts of the front cover of the brochure were ‘very attractive’ and I aimed to achieve this in my specification.

Another important purpose of the brochure was that the pictures were to look very attractive as it is a holiday brochure. The majority thought again that they were very attractive which once again fits the intended purpose. When I aske their favourite section of the brochure the results were fairly equal on all options including shopping, restaurants, weather, accommodation and historic monuments.

I also asked questions to an expert opinion. The expert thought that the paper used for the brochure should be in colour. This maybe his choice as most brochures use coloured paper. However, it makes the brochure stand out more in plain paper. Their opinion of how the brochure could be improved was that the front cover could be laminated. This could have been done as it would catch the customers’ attention more. I researched laminating although I did not use it because in real life when being mass produced, it would be very expensive to produce and brochures are free in travel agents.

The expert also made a point that there could have been a company logo. The logo could have been put on the back of the brochure for emphasise of the company. To improve the stand, it was said that it should be painted more carefully. I agree with this and I do think the stand should be painted better. The stand still appeared attractive to the customers however. The best feature of the stand from the experts view was the colour (white). They also said that the best feature of the brochure was the front cover. This is a very good result as it is what attracts the customer most to picking the brochure up. The layout of the business card was said to be improved by the website being placed on the back. This may have been better as it would have appeared less cramped together, the information.

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