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There two types of customers in Safeway’s internal customers and external customers. Internal customers: These are the company’s employees because they have an interest on the business I mean Safeway’s products and also provide the best services that Safeway’s needs. Safeway’s has many branches in all over the country however this branches work under the head office; these branches will be internal customers to the head office.

In another word these branches needs information and assistance on employment law, nevertheless the branches will have limited decisions so they need to work closely with the head office however this relationship and trust could be benefits a lot in term of sales and making appropriates decisions. External customers: These are the customers who buy or get information on the company’s products there are many types of customers and all depends on Age: What the products are aiming for.

There are many different age groups Children, teenagers, young adults or even senior citizen. Every age group wants different products suits their needs. Gender: Safeway’s provides both sex needs and wants for males and females. They provide these needs with especial care and trust to their customers. Income: Every customer has different income and different needs to spend their money. Example accountant earns 56. 000 yearly will not be the same like a school teacher earns 22. 000 their income are different so their expenditure has to be different.

Life style: It all depends on individual incomes and the way of spending their many on their needs and wants will be different so customers who have a higher income could spend a good amount of money on the business’s products. However Safeway’s provides a lot of products and services for customers to use. Location: Every store that Safeway’s have is located where people are near by so customers prefer to go and buy from the store because it provide wide range of products and services, nevertheless is nearer to customer’s homes.

Customers will not go fare a way to another supermarket unless this shop does not provide all their needs. What customers want? Customers always want cheaper prices and good quality. As long as business provides these needs customers will come. All Safeway’s customers want good quality, reasonable prices, safe shopping, help and advices on the business’s products and provide best services they can get. The company has to maintain these rules to attract their customers. Regular customers are customers who lives or works near by the supermarkets so they always buy from the store.

The one off customers are the one who go to a particular supermarket and buy from that supermarket by the chance of passing by or they have friends who could stay over with. Every customer has different needs a mother with children will spends more than a single man, it also depends on customer’s income so they can spend more or less, however Safeway’s always try to provide these needs as much as possible. Why are Customers important to Safeway’s? Without customers means no business.

Business builds to attract customers and make profits so they can survive and last long open. Customers are very important to every business especially to Safeway’s because Safeway’s believes that without their customers Safeway’s will not be here at the moment and will loss all their capital. Profit: Profit is one of the factors of this department success. It is because if customers are happy with the current services and products they will come more often and spends their money on the supermarket’s products and the supermarket will make more profit.

If customers are not satisfied with the services or company’s products the company will finds out by not gaining enough profits so the needs to work on how could they improve their services and ask what customers want so they could provide it. Survival: All businesses aim to make money however one of the elements of start a new business is to survive in the world of businesses so this will not happen unless that business provides customer’s needs and wants and better services than other similar businesses.

Safeway’s is keep to provides most of the customers needs and also provides wide range of products customers will not find in any other business to attract more customers. Market share: By increasing their sales and making more profits. Safeway’s shares are in a good level of cost and every month these shares increases their value it all depends on Safeway’s sales in that month, Safeway’s provides their share’s owners a good amount of dividends. All this happens because customers buy share from this particular business. It means that customers found where they can trust on their money to be invested in Safeway’s.

Competition: Safeway’s has many competitive example Tesco, Sainsbury’s, etc… However Safeway’s decided that to concentrate on their customer service department and make sure that all customers are satisfied and pleased with their products and services. Safeway’s provides all their staff training on their products so if a customer needs any information on any products the staff can easily give honest, true advice and information on that products. Nevertheless Safeway’s produce their own quality products with reasonable price so they can beat their competitive.

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