Customer Services of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)

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As well as internal customers, like every business, Boots also consists of external customers. These are people who are seeking for good quality customer service and hoping to receive useful and professional advice. Having said this, their needs would be considered different to those internal customers in that they do not exist within the business but are members from the general public. There are many different ways in which each functional area at Boots communicates with both its internal and external customers.

Listed below are the ways that each of these functional areas communicates with its internal and external customers.


In this area, the internal customers relate to finance by using mathematical methods to work out calculations such as, gross profit and sales revenue. There is communication between the internal customers and their approach to finance. This is based on the fact that the main communications these internal customers get are from IT and calculators. The external customers relate to finance by working out the likeliness of profit and loss.

They report information and seek ways to find the best ways to get the company good income. -in relation to Boots

Boots has several finance departments. In this department Boots has a chief financial named, Jim Smart Who looks to restructure the businesses and, the predecessor Howard Dodd instigates the process. In this department, staff can also be rationalised like it was in March 2005 when its finance employees had decreased from 600 employees to 200 finance staff. Marketing The internal customers communicate with the subject of marketing.

They do this by attempting to keep up a good performance and to market internationally. Also by, keeping track of their accounting details and involving major and well established countries. The external customers communicate with the subject of marketing. This is done by investing in well known countries. in relation to boots In this department Boots deals with the competition from other stores like itself and this is the department in which Boots tries to promote new products over Christmas seasons etc… In this department, Boots makes up slogans like “price you love” to attract customers.

As well as this, Boots issues other services like their advantage card to increase their sales market. Boots manufactures a range of own brand and third party cosmetics products like Boots No. 7, Kangol, Toni & Guy, FCUK, Soltan and Botanic ranges of cosmetics. Human resources The internal customers communicate resourcefully with the subject titled, “Human Resources” This communication involves the internal customers interacting with people and investigating on what they see. This type of communication is helpful as it enables staffs who are working in this department to find out more about their subject.

The external customers also communicate in this way provided they get are rewarded with a huge investment. -in relation to Boots Bottom of Form In this department Boots insures they meet all candidates face to face in order to provide the best possible services and the highest standards of corporate responsibility and incomparable employee training Operations

The internal and external customers communicate effectively with operations by using there skills to obtain information and make things work.

-in relation to Boots

This department forms the backbone of Alliance Boots retail operations.

In this area Boots shows it operates differently from other pharmacies. This is where Boots also tries to compete with out of town supermarkets and electrical outlets.

Customer Services

The internal customers at Boots communicate in the “customer services” area. This is done by helping customers who need special assistance for something like an exchange in their items. Therefore, their main communications shown in this area will involve international custom. The communication that occurs in the “Customer Services” area also involves the external customers.

This is because; the external customer will find ways to prevent any misunderstandings.

In This area, Boots provides special attendance to any of its customers who are in need of special guidance or attention. For instance, a customer who has brought a fragrance for a friend who has the same one may well want to return it and exchange for new one, with which procedures will be carried out. Administration The internal and external customers in this area communicate by solving issues in order to sell things to the public.

In this area Boots work is carried out on a computer base and information is distributed. In this area staff arte usually expected to deal with the writing aspects of the business and answering the phone, replying back to faxes Production This is where the internal and external customers at PWC communicate by establishing what there company is going to produce successfully.

This is where the internal and external customers communicate by offering assistance to those who require specific help. his is why they hold this title. usiness operate and this is why they hold this little employment services.

The basics to Price Waterhouse Coopers has many different functional areas as it is a large and well established accounting firm. The main functional areas of PWC are placed in a table with their internal customers and the job roles they fulfil. In this section PWC are entitled to, grow and improve credibility, reduce costs, improve operations and make the best use of assets. In this area PWC does focus a lot on efficiency; they help clients identify where their major cost and value drivers are, and work with them to assess how they can be managed better.

In spite of this PWC identifying the opportunities for improvement, they help clients carry out their improvement programmes to realize the benefits and help them develop effective operations. Customer Service – In relation to PWC In this are of PWC’ clients are given special attention in order to sort out any financial issues. This area involves the business reaching out to clients who are in need of help and don’t really no the right way of going about this. In spite of this, PWC’ employees are able to help and offer any means to guidance in order to ensure their clients are satisfied.

Administration – In relation to PWC In this area PWC pride themselves on their motivated team of CAS specialists dedicated to providing high quality administration services to organisations varying from top-tier multinationals to medium and smaller sized enterprises. Their clients can delegate all administrative tasks associated with accounting, payroll and legislative compliance to PWC thereby allowing them to focus their energies on strategic issues and their most profitable core activities. Each of the functional areas listed above will communicate differently with both its internal and external customers.

Shown below is the way in which these functional areas communicate with both Boots and Pwc’ internal and external customers. How each of the functional area will communicate effectively with both its internal and external customers. Boots and Pwc would communicate financially with its internal and external customers by faxing. This is because when dealing with finance issues it would usually be more confidential and direct and using a fax machine would amount to both these things.

In terms, of marketing, Boots and Pwc would communicate with its internal and external customers by using computer database i. e. the internet because most of the marketing work would be done o computer programmes such as databases to manipulate and present market research data.

Boots and Pwc’ internal and external customers would communicate with the human resources department on the internet because the work involved within this department is recorded on computer databases so therefore, this department can get it’s work done and communicate with its employees on one piece of technology; mean that it would be less time consuming. In the operations department Boots and Pwc could communicate effectively with its internal and external customers by using information technology such as telephones.

The reason for choosing this method as a means to communicate is because it means that when thing need to happen in the business, employees can telephone one another as a way of getting through to each other quickly. In the Customers Services area Boots and Pwc’ internal and external customers could also communicate effectively with each other by telephone because this is definitely a fast way of contacting people and customer services is their to help people who need special attention so a fast way of communication is better.

As well as this with a telephone co-workers could easily page one another as an even faster way of contact. In the Administration department Internal and external customers could communicate with one another by the using the internet. This is because, administration is the department where information technology is used the most and so it would be very easy to get hold of the internet and use emails or instant messaging as a way of contact.

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