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Customers might ask a technical query about a product or service, a general query about the organisation, about the range of products or services supplied about the location of another store about the location of another supplier in the area about general facilities available. Customer service staff should have information on products and services and know the range on offer. In a store they should know where these are located, they should be able to check which items are in stock, which items are not and now long they take to order. In most large organisation this information is stored on a computer database and can be accessed by assistants quickly and easily.

A customer database will record the names and addresses of existing customer as well as details of recent purchases and amount paid. This enables staff to quickly answer queries from a customer who as recently purchased from them, a stock database will give details of prives, delivery times and availability. Giving advice. Advice is more precise than information. It is tailored to the individual needs of the customer making the request and requires greater specialist knowlegde. The sheffield park hotel they could give you information about the rooms, but they would need to know how long you wanted to stay in the hotel or what kind of room you want before they could give you advise which room would be the best for you to stay.

Some types of advice are more critical than other because the consequences of giving the wrong advice example like if you say to the customer that room is a very quiet room to stay and the customer come vack to ou and say that it isn�t a quiet place to stay so you giving the customer a wrong advice it van be so serious. Advice about medical, dinancial, legal or safetly must be correct. For that reason u nless staff are specially trained. They should offer queries on such topics to an expert. This is why receptionist in a health centre would refer a request for medical advice to a doctor or a nurse rather than answer it themselves.

P4.Which types of customer records are used by the organisation? They used a computer for making a record of the customers. And a programe that called INOVA it is a easy programe to make a record of the customer. If a customer is asking for a room to stay he just ask to the receptionist than see have to look in the system if there is a room left or she could ask what the customer want example what kind a bed double size bed or a small one because the customer is could be staying with his/her husband,and than the receptionist ask you a few qeustions like youre name and why you staying in the hotel and where the live ,and how did you get on ,to stay at this hotel and she could ask if the customers are having a lunch in the hotel or what the customer favourite drink is because the Park hotel let everyday a free drink in the room so that the customer feel welcome in the hotel.

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