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An old lady enters the shop and she wants to buy a TV. She doesn’t know anything about the TV so the employee should take care of that customer and explain everything about the product she wants to buy. The employee should make sure that he is showing the right product that is in her budget and makes her feel secure that she is buying a good product. If there is anything else she wants the employee should take care of that too. If that lady doesn’t know the way to check out the employee should show her the way to check out and help her to put the product in her car or organize delivery to her.

Benefits to the customer: The customer will feel very because she buys a good product that comes in budget and will do her shopping in that shop again. * Benefits to the employees: When the employee made a sale he will feel very confident and try to make more sales. * Benefits to the organisation: The organization will be very happy by knowing that they are making good sales and profit and their reputation going up. 2. Example A customer in wheelchair enters the shop to buy a washing machine and the section for washing machine is on the second floor and he is a new customer and doesn’t know anything about that shop.

So the employee should take care of that customer buy providing him shop map and take him to the second floor safely and also make sure that the floor is clean and always stay with him and should not leave him in the shop alone. Employee should explain everything about the washing machine. Employee should fulfill his all needs for example if customer wants to go toilet employee should take him to the disable toilet and make him comfortable.  Benefits to the customer-The customer on will chair will like to comeback in that shop because he like the customer service.

Benefits to the employees-The Customer will get more reputation after dealing with that customer and also can get promotion. Benefits to the organisation-The Customer will give advice to his friends who are on wheel chair to shop here because of good customer service. 3. Example An employee found a young girl age 6 is lost in the shop and she doesn’t know where her parents are gone. So in this situation employee should make her calm down and should report this incident to his manger. The Employee help her as much as possible and he should make an announcement in the store about that girl.

The Manger should inform his all staff about that girl and ask them to ask about that girl from every customer. They should not leave that girl alone in a room. Once they found the guardian of the girl they should treat them in very friendly manner and should not start arguing about that incident. Benefits to the customer- The Customer will be very happy and will comeback back again there and will shop confidently. Benefits to the employee- The Employee will feel more confident and will some more experience on something which will motivate him more.

* Benefits to the organisation- The organization reputation will go up and will make more profit and try to make special need for the parents like a special room children to give parents freedom to shop easily. 4. Example An old man has locked himself inside the toilet by mistake and can’t come out from the toilet. In this situation employee and other staff member should take a rapid action and try to make that old relax, make him feel that they are trying to bring him out. Employee should make sure that nobody else should come to know about this incident if this happen so it’s difficult for staff member to control those customers.

The Employee should call ambulance if something happens wrong and senior staff of members to sort out this problem as soon as possible. When the old man is out employee should try to make him relax and provide some extra care to him. Manger should apologies for inconvenient and give some more offer. * Benefits to the customer-Customer will be very happy after getting out of the problem because he has been treated very well and solve the problem very fast. Benefits to the employee- The employee will be very happy too and he will be more confident

Benefits to the organisation- If this happen next time they will ready for it and will try to make doors and toilet convenient for their customers. 5. Example A family enters the shop for the Christmas shopping. So employee should take them to appropriate section of the store where they can do their shop easily. The Employee should show all the items in their budget they want buy and show them some special offers if they are interested. The Employee should not leave them or start chatting with someone else till they finish their shopping.

The Employees should fulfill their all needs and wants. When they finish their shopping employee should ask if they want anything else and greet them. Benefits to the customer- They will be felling happy because all the stuff they are comes in their budget.  Benefits to the employee- The employee will gain some more experience from this. Benefits to the organisation- More families will come there to shop and the organisation will make more profit. 6. Example A business man walks into car showroom to buy a sports car.

Business man doesn’t know anything about the sports car and he wants to buy one. The Employee should be in proper dress and talk to him in a polite manner. The Employee should give him respect and treat him in very well manner. The Employee should look after for all of his needs . He should show him all the sports cars that business man wants to see. The employee should explain about all the sports cars and give him some leaflets or tell other important things about the car. He should make him feel comfortable and relax.

When he decide what car he want employee should complete all formalities and make him feel happy about his choice. Benefits to the customer- Customer will come back again there and will buy some more stuff from their because of good customer service and good offers he get.  Benefits to the employee- employee will feel confident after treating a big business man and will be more motivated. Benefits to the organisation- More business man will come to there showroom and will shop there only and organization will gain some reputation and profit.

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