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First impressions are a very important in the role of customer service to any organisation, when looking at Macdonald hotel at first glance it overlooks very beautiful landscaped gardens and had spectacular views from the entrance. The hotel itself looked like a Georgian mansion and it was obvious that it was very luxurious, my immediate reaction was that it is very high standard to match with the 5 star rating. On our entrance to the hotel we waited in the foyer for the staff to guide us to our way into the hotel, the receptionist was very pleasant and welcoming.

The foyer was of a grand decor with leather sofas and chandeliers. Company image The company image was highly respectable through the design and layout of the hotel and the uniforms and presentation of the staff (blue). The logo of Macdonald hotel is not very sophisticated and looks a bit vintage and boring; but it is very recognisable and this a credit to the company. The stylish meeting and function rooms, gardens and sensuous spa were kept trim and tidy. The rooms that we visited were all kept very neat and clean, over all the hotel was top-quality.

Speed and accuracy of service On arrival we had to wait quite some time before being taken around so the speed of service would be a bit slow for us and there was only one concierge for the customers so this lead to other customers having to wait in the lobby area, but taking into account we were a large group and the hotel was quite busy when we arrived, they were quite efficient. However, the accuracy was perfect as the information that was provided to customers of rates and availability were correct.

Products and services offered Products and services that are offered exclusively from Macdonald hotel in Bath is a plush and elegant interior, private butler service in the imperial suite, pool, gym, hydro pool, whirlpool, thermal suite, elegant meeting and conference facilities and an award winning restaurant. Consistency Macdonald hotel were very consistent as they are a 5 star hotel the service they provide to each customer is at the same speed, quickly and efficiently.

In terms of consistency they were fully up to standard for the recommendations of a 5 star hotel. Offering information and advice Inside the hotel they have several leaflets which offer information on attractions, local restaurants, information on the hotel and things such as facilities. Complaints procedures There are two ways to fill out complaint forms for Macdonald hotels; there is an online form and a form available in the reception. If there is a serious complaint the general hotel manager has to be informed. Meeting and exceeding customer needs

Meeting customer needs is important because the customers will be satisfied with the organisation and will come back for, therefore the organisation will make more sales and profits Meeting customer expectation means to show what customer expect such as providing excellent service and to recruit staff that are knowledgeable so when the customer asks a question about the hotel they should be able to answer them straightaway at Macdonald hotel the staff were very friendly and welcoming but she didn’t seem to have a good knowledge of the hotel.

Maintaining safety in an organisation maintaining the safety is very important. When a customer enters the hotel they should feel safe and secure. Example if there is water on the floor they should clean it or they should put a safety notice on the board. Maintaining security means when there is damage or a problem Macdonald hotel have security cameras to tackle these problems. The benefits of excellent customer service and the consequences of poor customer service

A large part of any travel and tourism operations involve dealing with customers and satisfying their needs. Therefore it makes sense that providing a high standard of customer service is the main priority. The dictionary defines satisfaction as to adequately meet expectations, this is not the case in travel and tourism as adequate is the minimum that needs to be done. In travel and tourism a company should exceed the customer’s expectations to provide the best possible service. Repeat business and recommendations.

The point of good customer service is to give the hotel a good reputation, so that the customers return and so that they will recommend the hotel to others and vice versa if you provide bad customer the service customers will recommend returning back to the hotel. Lack of customer loyalty & repeat business – if the hotels do not keep their customers loyal, then the customer will not be happy with the hotel. A better public image Organisations that always provide good customer service will find they get a good public image. Existing customers will be pleased to use the organisation and new customers will be encouraged.

Poor public image – when a hotel gets bad public image possible customers will be reluctant to use it. An edge over the competition Providing excellent customer service will lead the hotel having a competitive edge from their competitors and the customers will come back again, therefore the organisation competitors will have decreased their sales and profits. Lack of competitive edge – the organisation will lose in their competition because if they have unsatisfied customers then the competitors will gain more sales and profit.

Happy workface (job satisfaction): Good internal customer service means that staff will get more job satisfaction. This simply means they will enjoy their work more and are more likely to do it to their full capacity. This means that customer service will be greatly improved. Unhappy and inefficient workforce (no job satisfaction) – in an organisation if the staff are not happy, then it will lead to de-motivated staff and the customer will not be satisfied with the organisation.

Dissatisfied customers the organisation customer service might not be excellent and if this is the case the customers will be dissatisfied with the organisation customer service e. g. the might have not helped the customer when they needed help or the staff might have been rude to the customers; therefore the customer will walk away from the organisation and possibly write out a formal complaint which the organisation will have to deal with. Chester zoo

First impressions I did some research before I went to the zoo and found out that the Zoo is one of the foremost zoos in the UK, but when we arrived at the zoo my first impression was that it didn’t really pull me in as much as I expected, and my opinion is that the zoo is failing to attract the 16-24 age group because it’s not offering much for this age group there’s wheelchair facilities for old and disabled people, push chairs for babies and play area for children.

However, the staffs were very welcoming and helpful. My first impression of the website is that it is aimed at young children, then as you look a little bit deeper you see articles about conservation and information about the zoo’s breeding programs of different animals. This information is welcomed on a website, but somewhat undermined by the impractical churlish font.

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