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They deal with complaints and enquiries which means they are told by customers what they are disappointed with. This means Customer Service can pass on this information to the other areas to improve the company. One of McDonald’s main objectives is to constantly improve the service that its customers receive. A good way of doing this is by listening to the points of view of all its customers. Currently every staff member undertakes a structured training programme as the company recognizes the importance of staff attitude in a customer services environment.

For over a year and a half the ‘Hire the Smile’ employee recruitment programme has been in place, this involves two interviews for each job candidate, and an on-job assessment that looks at staff attitude and customer service skills. How the Functional areas help to meet the aims and objectives of McDonalds All the different departments have several tasks to complete in McDonalds and all of them help McDonalds to meet their aims and objectives. This means at the same time in McDonalds everyone is doing a different type of job to keep McDonalds running efficiently.

One of McDonalds aims is to “maximise sales,” this aim can be achieved by help from the Marketing and Sales. There job is to research e. g. find out what customers want or anything they think that needs improving. If they get feedback from the customers and do what they say McDonalds can achieve the aim by maximising sales. Marketing and Sales can also maximise sales by advertising and lowering prices. Another aim for McDonalds is to “provide quality products” The Hr department are linked to this as they train and recruit people.

If they don’t hire or train staff Efficiently then McDonalds ill not provide quality products for its customers which may result to loss in customers. Provide Quality products Production help meet these objectives as they ensure McDonalds are providing quality products. They deal with “Quality control” which involves inspecting different areas of the production process. This makes sure if there are any faulty ingredients in McDonalds products they can be rejected and resolved.

“Quality Assurance” also helps as it means every process carried out in McDonalds has been checked by an external body and McDonalds will receive a certificate. HR also help meet this aim because their job is to hire, train and recruit staff. If the HR department in McDonalds haven’t hired or trained someone at a high standard then they will be doing a job they are incapable of doing. This means that McDonalds will not be providing quality products and may result in loss of customers. E. g. someone who can’t make burgers just puts anything in and customers will not be happy.

Beating Competition In order to achieve this aim McDonalds have to rely on Customer Service. They are the key to achieving this aim. E. g. If Burger King our providing a better customer service then McDonalds then customers will decide to go there instead. McDonalds can attract new customers by fast and efficient customer service. Marketing and Sales can also help achieve this aim as they research. They need to research on other competitors to see what they are selling successfully that McDonalds may need to improve so that they are being competitive.

Make Profit All department help to make a profit in McDonalds, without each other McDonalds wouldn’t be able to run efficiently and make a profit. Marketing and Sales Find out what customers want, without their research McDonalds wont no what to produce and therefore wouldn’t make a profit. Customer Service They look after the customers, if they don’t they will loose customers which results in no money, no profit Production If there is no production in McDonalds this means no products, which means no customers or money as there is nothing to sell.

Finance Set budgets; have to make sure each department is given enough money. They make sure they don’t give out to much money or waste it so McDonalds can have the biggest profit possible Human Resources HR train and recruit the best employees therefore McDonalds will make a profit. Administration and ICT They print out leaflets and advertisements so that customers are aware of McDonald’s products. Without Administration customers wouldn’t be aware of all the products there for not many customers and no profit. Be Environmentally Friendly

Production helps meet this aim and objective as they are responsible of resources such as building and lands. If Production finds a location which creates a lot of pollution then it would create a bad image for McDonalds. Marketing and sales also help meet this aim and objective as they are responsible for the packaging of products. If they decide to use a material that may pollute or create a lot of litter this would also create a bad image for McDonalds. Focusing on Financial Performance The finance department help meet this aim and objective as they keep track of all money flowing around McDonalds.

To focus on financial performance Finance McDonalds has to make sure they monitor areas carefully for example, how much money they have given to each department as their budget. To Expand Production help meet this aim and objective as they are responsible for locating McDonalds restaurant. KIRAN PATEL GCSE APPLIED BUSINESS TASK 3 Communication This means getting a message across to someone. McDonalds need to communicate on a regular basis with the people inside and outside the business. They communicate with supplies and their customers.

Communication with people inside McDonalds is said to be internal. Communication with people outside, such as customers and supplies is said to be external. Internal communication includes staff meetings, newsletters and internal telephone calls. Emails are often sent internally through a network computer system. External communication includes business letters, telephone calls, fax messages, advertisements and meetings with customers and clients. Emails may also be sent externally over the internet and many organisations have web sites carrying information to attract potential customers.

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