Customer Service

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All Customers have needs and expectation such as 1. If a customer request or order for product or service, so investigation should be quick and fast. That’s how the customer will be satisfied from the service. 2. Every organisation which sells products or services has some sort of problems with them. Customers rarely or usually complain about goods. Attending customers quickly will satisfy. 3. If a customer reports about the product or service, Discuses the problem with customer and try to sort it out. If you didn’t then pass it to your senior member of staff.

4. Customers may change an order or request now that could be by phone, email or face to face. What you need to do is to ask for receipt, if the customer can’t find it then ask for product no and search for it, if possible then changes it. 5. At times a customer may wait for too long for the product or didn’t get their goods at right time. Then they ask for their product. What you need to do is those get the details of the product, and then cheek it. Enquires should be quick and fast. Make sure that you don’t waste customer’s time.

6. A customer may ask for advice about any product he or she is purchasing. For that what you need to do is that tell them every single function, advantages and disadvantages etc of the product. This is how we are able to satisfy our customers. Always give truth full information. Remember if you don’t know any thing about the product then ask a senior member of staff to help the customer.

Customer expectations are what a customer expects to happen usually base on previous visit. To meet customer expectation; do the following 1. A customer will trust on our company when his/her needs are same as they think about it. Try to be honest and well behaved with customers. So our business will be reputed. 2. Every customer need good product and doesn’t want to have any faults. Customer can make a call for any reason such as he/she is not being well-treated, not good service, no honestly or wrong advice about the product. It is not only about the product or service, that customer purchased but it’s all about you that how you treat him.

3. A customer is happiest when he finds the product he wants and respect from company staff. I m sure that every customer who buy any thing from our company is happy and find good and responsive service. If you give more help and respect to our customer, they will trust our company again. Then we can increase our sales and profit. 4. Every business run through good customer service, so if we do well in our business people will know by reading papers, watch advertisement or listening to radio. That’s how media helps in our business.

5. Any customer expects to buy product that are cost friendly. If he likes the price, the price should be reliable, so that the customer is satisfied with the product he has. Make sure that our product prices are reliable. 6. If your friend has recommended a store for you and go to visit, you will expect the store to provide you with goods at low price.

Types of customers

Internal customers: -Internal customers are colleagues who work with you and need to do something. In our organisation we have some internal customers i.e. colleagues, supervisors, staff, staff teams and managers. Your internal customers are all the colleagues who need tour assistance to fulfil their responsibility to their own customers. If for any reasons you can’t respond positively to a request from internal customers then you should refer it someone else. Some reasons that you can refuse a request are only when you are at meeting or are outside your job role.

Mostly every organisation team who helps to deliver customer service are unseen and often forgotten by customers. E.g. if a suit case is damaged, food is cold or room has no towels then customer will complain to some one on reception desk who is then in charge and relies upon the co-orporation of one of the service team to put matters right.

Internal customer’s always look for good reputation. If they are managers they must be thinking that every one in organisation follows his or her orders and respect them. They always want to maintain their company reputation. If an ex-staff arrived in organisation they must expect for good reputation and good customer service. To meet their needs staff must dress properly, looking smart and ask for if they wants some help. They should realise that they are getting the same respect as they used to have before. External Customers: – External customers are outside businesses and individuals who contact your organisation because they require goods or a service. Following are some of external customers.

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