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In my coursework I am going to study the customer service within the organisation Alton Towers Theme Park. Alton Towers is considered by many to be the United Kingdom’s finest theme park. Here there is something for everyone – from ‘white knuckle’ rides such as ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Nemesis’. Those that are after something a little more sedate can enjoy the gardens, row on the lake or take a cable car ride. Alton towers is an industry that offers products and services that are similar to its competitors, they need to continually monitor and asses their levels of customer service, and improve areas so that they can exceed customer expectations.

To have a high level of customer service the organisation first needs to identify its aims and objectives this might come in the form of a mission statement. Alton towers mission statement is ‘we create magic moments’ this appeals to people of all ages, and different groups of people, what people look for when they go to Alton towers. Like many other businesses and services it is vital to keep customer’s happy regardless weather they are old or new, this will encourage them to revisit the attraction. Customer service The customer service department of large businesses deals with the business’s customers.

It receives inquiries and complaints about particular products and service of the business. The success of a business is mainly determined by the quality of its customer service, which it is the way it generally deals with its customers. Hence business with good customer service has competitive prices, helpful and friendly staff and responds to complain swiftly. Closely looking at the consideration Alton Tower’s customer service has offered its customers; it’s no doubt that it has a good customer service. However in case of complaints, the customer service makes sure that it deals with them in a similar manner.

Alton Tower regards complaints as ‘an invaluable form of customer feedback’ that results in an immediate review of the theme park’s services and products. Complaints are dealt with on the park, through a form or telephone. (An example of a complaints form on which the customer making the complaint has to fill is displayed next page. ). Alternatively, customer service personnel can complete compliant forms over phone. All complaints made are the logged a sophisticated system hereby various report are generated and then used by management of Alton Towers.

Internal customers are specific people and departments who need you to help them External Customers There are different types of external customers and they all have different needs. They all expect to have these needs recognised and dealt with, and to be treated well by the members of the organisation. The groups are sorted out by those most frequently used within the travel and tourism industry. Individuals Individuals are those customers who are making enquiries or bookings on their own behalf. They may be independent travellers who contact a variety of organisations in order to obtain information to make up their own package.

They may be individuals who are travelling alone on business, who need to arrange transport or accommodation for him or her only. They business traveller may require additional facilities in his or her accommodation, such as a telephone/modem link, wake up calls and newspapers and car parking to leave their cars when in a meeting. Form the above; we can see that there are different expectations of individuals even though they are classed as a single customer category. The responses given must relate to the requests of the customer. Groups

These could include families, parties of young people going on holiday together, students on a residential break, or clubs and societies going to events for example Different age groups Groups can be made up of customers of widely differing ages. This may be seen on a package holiday where the overseas reprehensive is welcoming new arrivals and the audience is made up of a variety of people. Different holidays will apply to different age groups of people as there interests are very different and therefore they want different things from a holiday.

It is important not to offend any age group when dealing with customers in this category, speak to all in general terms, but highlight various features of the resort which might appeal to different age groups. If a venue is trying to appeal to different age groups, then there needs to be a variety of activities and facilities, which would interest those age groups. Different cultural Groups Customers can be from widely differing cultural groups, and therefore from a culture that is different from your own.

They do not necessarily have to be visitors from within the UK who have a different cultural background from yourself. This cultural diversity can be in terms of food (Indian, Chinese or Kosher for example) or beliefs (Hindu, Muslim, Judaism or Shinto, for example), or even style and mode of dress. Avoid offence through inappropriate language, attitude and moral behaviour. Non-English speakers or those with limited understanding of English These customers have to be considered in terms of their specific needs. If you have to give directions for example, it’s often simpler to draw a diagram that can be easily followed.

The international display signage for such things as fire exits, baggage collection points or any particular facility within the organisation can be used, as these are well recognised and can be clearly understood. Customers with specific needs There are many types of specific needs that organisations need to consider. Here are some examples: Families with young children Customers with impaired mobility (e. g. wheelchair users, those on crutches) Those with hearing problems including the deaf Those with sight problems, including the blind .

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