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The first step of the procedure was to assemble a questionnaire. A pilot questionnaire was carried out; corrections were made to improve the quality and relevance of the questions. The questionnaire was subsequently carried-out to people in my area. Records were made on a tally chart and from the information in the chart; particular information was extracted and turned into pie charts, to make it easier to reach conclusions and results, so then we can compare the information by the results of the pie charts. The chart shows the answers to question 3.

With 45% being “daily” it suggests that the business should be opened every day, because most people visit a cafi?? every day, rather than once a week or once a month. This is a very positive figure for the business. Question 6 was asked in order to get an idea of what kind of software and hardware would the computers be requiring. For example, if “Online Gaming” were to be the highest score, computers specialized in running games were to be bought, as well as a number of games. This chart displays the results for question 6. The highest score was E-mail and Chat.

This suggests that computers should contain instant messenger software and such. It is also an optimum (good) figure because, messenger and e-mail software are usually really low on price, or even free, making the business save money spent on software. Question 7 is relevant since it shows what customers prefer the most. For example, if “appetizers and desserts” were to be the highest score, the business would have to hire chefs or people capable to produce this kind of product, and also special and advanced appliances specialized for this purpose. This chart demonstrates the results for question 7.

The highest score was “Comfortable seats, furniture”. This means that the business should spend more capital on furnishings than any other option, as it represents what people like the best, and would result in a more pleasant entity for customers, hopefully catching the preferences of more customers. For example: Different sizes of cushioned arm chairs. But this would mean serious expenses for the business, as furnishings could be very expensive. Question 10 was asked in order to have an idea on where do most people shop, and, also, to see if the location decision was an idyllic choice.

My decision was “Colwyn Centre”, but if other area score higher than my choice, “West End” for example, would mean that my choice was wrong, and would result in a dreadful prospect for the business. The highest score was “Colwyn Centre”. This is a extremely good figure, as it shows 70% of people shop in the area where the business would be located, meaning that the footfall around the business would be elevated and the probability of gaining customers would be higher. In conclusion, the most of the relevant questions resulted to be favourable for the business; the business should be open every day, as people would attend to the cafi??

daily, whether it is for the internet usage or just the social environment. The most important feature would be the furniture and decorations to make an alluring environment. Computers wouldn’t need much software, but it would require a powerful anti-virus, as e-mailing has become a very dangerous issue, and applying an anti-virus would give not only benefits for the business, but also to the customers, by making them feel safe and free to navigate(web-browse), e-mail, and chat.

The location was proved to be a beneficial one, because it’s the area where most of the customers shop. This means that the information is not totally reliable. It would be very risky to set the business by only relying on this information. So it would be a better idea to gather more than 20 people on different areas of the town and including people from all ages, in other words making a random sampling making it fair to everyone to be selected, therefore data would not biased; and also to get a wider range of answers and a better idea of what the people want.

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