Customer-related business operations

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A TQM business body as the one that is consumer-focused with a well-defined package of on going procedures. It is required for an organization to be process-based to be customer-oriented. The TQM business body is predicted to be a streamlined system that takes into account inter-related procedures. As such researchers have stressed on the improvement of such procedures. Moreover, it is predicated that in the near future the managerial positions will also change their tags because their operations will also undergo a change, for instance, a head of sales department will be referred to according to the actual process they are monitoring.

It has been the achievement of IT that has brought about a great change in the business processes by TQM enabling a number of activating to take place in integral fashion as opposed to past approaches. This change is brought by focusing on the examination of on going procedure and improving them to add more value to them. As such, to support such operations workflow software technology was particularly a landmark.

For ET, the e-commerce paradigm has made significant strides of development because it is not just a narrowly based customer interface but a whole network of process that has to a great extent diminished the role of human hand into customer-related business operations (Oacklang, 1993). Cross-Functional Teams Formation of teams is one single milestone toward a winning leadership performance in a TQM-based business enterprise. The fact is it is a business firm which bases solely on the processes conducted by teams that operate interdependently.

Such teams efficiently make use of the knowledge workforce in an integrated fashion which is not possible in a conventional work environment despite that fact that they might be working interdependently. Ciamppa (1992) regards such teams as responsible for mutual credit of their efforts in business operations. Employees can either be given authority to control actions or be controlled themselves by IT systems. IT enables the empowerment of effective decision-making on the part of employees by letting them access current data bases; furthermore, the same technology may be operated to bring into force employee control and checks.

It is necessary for business firms to well define the process of allowing authority to employees to acquire from TQM steps undertaken by it. IT is one single source that allows a workforce to communicate properly among each other to make effective decisions. Among other IT solutions are Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), systems that support team decisions, groupware and so on. All these focus on stabilizing business operations among different teams.

For instance, to design an enhanced produced communication across different departments such as marketing, research and development, and production is necessary which is observed by IT which should help meet a faster flow of information from all these departments. A case study that focuses on the same process where different teams came at play from different sites. As such communication for the making of new products put forward great support to bring in distributing information. In this way the teams that work at distances over networks only are functional to communicate only by network technologies.

For example, one fast emerging area in this regard in the cellular networking that enables virtual teams to for at different places at different times (Hameri and Nihtila, 1991). Spinout Inter-organizational information systems (IOS) support to build up a prolonged partnership among firms. These are structured on networks which are both private and public. As such, mutual decisions are taken for the operations to be conducted in business for example the use of electronic fund transfer (EFT) for fund transfer, and other procedure undertaken for documentation and so forth.

To operate such a system, a mutual ground in established where all decisions are taken so every party knows how all business transactions are going to happen. For prolonged operation among different parties, Electronic Date Interchange (EDI), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are instances used to execute IOS via the use of information technologies (Senn, 1996). Networking It was the realization of bringing into effect a need to cooperate that led Fujisawa to win over the lapses of his decisions making process. Individual business firms were formed into individual customers.

Quality management stress to reshape the size of firms for better productivity and this can be obtained if firms work together on building upon a single fruitful idea. For example, business firms can come forward to form a network with their strategic partners even with their rivals in the market. For example a building network with strategic partners has proved to be vital in the case of JIT Purchasing; on the other hand, networking with rivals has been evidently victorious in the case of Prato Textile (Malone and Laubacher, 1998).

Extranets (Internet expanded on Internet) and other technologies of ecommerce let business firms to authorize their strategic associates, consumers, and several other parties. Besides the networks that work inside the boundaries of an business firm, there are now emerging networks that are built up to enable a working environment where suppliers, consumers, and other strategic partners can come to perform business activities via Extranet. Levi Strauss is one example. It lets its textile partners to approach its data base to examine its production operation so that they on-time can order a desired product and can get a timely shipment.

National Semi Conductor’s (NSC’s) Extranet is another example. Here its customers are found world over who are connected via Extranet. They all come to work together to develop design for NSC’s microchips. Their data bases are approachable by an application which is groupware in nature. Innovative uses of IT to enhance the use of TQM Commonly, it is the innovative and creative pondering over such issues as brining in fresh hypotheses, forming them, reshaping them to put together strands that were previously missing from the cohesive whole, amending, redesigning, and so on.

After this process the outcome is shared by the partners interested in the deal, these creative endeavors should be result-oriented, value-centered, and should manifest high results in innovation of ideas (Newell and Shaw, 1972). Such creative procedures take into consideration such areas of cognition as making clarification, developing, making ready and revisiting previous grounds to make sure stern development.

First of all a problem or a loophole is detected by an individual user; then follows the time span for recycling of the previous thought, which is followed by a sequence of critical examination, argument, unfolding, structuring, and designing new strategies for better problem solving. Eventually, there is held an experiment by that very individual to endorse an assuring resolution that results in the ultimate, three-dimension up gradation of a product of idea; this all might also come into material form a groundbreaking invention, an effective paradigm, or a much enhanced product.

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