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Week One: The human resource manager and supervisors assured me that my services were needed and would be an asset to the company. They explained to me that because the Airport Connection limousine service offers many guarantees about service, which includes the ability of their system to store the customers’ information, it was necessary for their database to be running well and for the database to be properly updated from the information collected on the website.

After this short brief I was introduced to the staff in different departments, with a special introduction to the manager of the advertising and customer service departments, who were respectively responsible for the website and storing/retrieving customer information. Week Two: I took a look at the database in which they stored customer information. The database is called Limo Anywhere 3. 1. I saw that this software is allowed the management of the customer’s information, and has specific transportation-company features such as route mapping and flight tracking.

I also saw that it contained information about the drivers and facilitated the construction of schedules for each. I also looked at the company’s website (www. airportconnection. com) which I was also required to update. Then I browsed other limousine websites in order to locate features that could be added to theirs. Week Three: This was dedicated to learning the software Limo Anywhere. This was not very difficult as it was similar to many other databases I had been exposed to (such as Goldmine) and was designed to be run by someone without specific information-technology training.

I spent a lot of time with the database just entering information about the passengers and tracking flight information, etc. Week Four: I was directed to the “webmaster’s station” and found they used Dreamweaver to create their website. The website contained fields in which customers could contact the company by sending email. I was asked created a back-end storage system for their database so that customers could also input their personal information and have it stored directly in an Access database, which could then be used as a backup and updated regularly.

Pages already existed for the customers to create accounts with the company as well as request quotes. Week Five: I continued working on the website, working with fields for the Start Your Reservation section. This was created to match most of the fields of the Limo Anywhere software. The idea was to maximize the amount of information that could be gathered from the customer at the first moment. We considered that once the project was finished, a guarantee could be given to the customer that he/she would never have to enter information twice.

I also did some work taking information from phone calls and emails and placing them in the Limo Anywhere database (which was already connected to the online registration fields). Week Six: I worked on taking some more customer information from calls and emails and load them into the database. I also rearranged the graphics on the website to make it more readable and adjusted the colors to make it appear more professional. Week Seven: I suggested that the customers be given the opportunity to create an account and request quotes on every page of the website rather than just on one.

So, I placed on every page links to those already existing pages where customers could fill in information. Week Eight: I began work with an advertising campaign for AirportConnection through Google AdWords. I began by choosing relevant keywords for which their webpage should appear after a search by an interested customer. The words (such as limousine, airport, transportation, service, Ronald Reagan Airport) were chosen to ensure that when customers type them (or any combination of them) into the Google search engine, the AirportConnection ads would show up in the sponsored section alongside the regular unsponsored ads.

We chose to create a keywords-targeted ad (where payments are required only if the customer actually clicks on the ad, and not just when the ad is viewed). Week Nine: I worked again with a representative from accounting to develop the advertising campaign with Google Adwords. We selected the daily budget that was desired for the project and worked on setting the geographic target location (Northeast U. S. —New York to Virginia) and language (English and Spanish). Dates during which the ads would run were also chosen.

Week Ten: I did a little more work on the website, but dedicated most of the time to working on the Google Adwords Campaign. We had reached the level of the Ad Group, and at this point I worked on creating two ads and distributed the keywords between them so that the prospective customers would view the advertisement that was more relevant to their search. One ad focused on small, intimate occasions, while the other highlighted the company’s ability to cater to large groups.

It was also necessary to log into the Adword account and examine the feature that tells the client how well the ad is doing. Once I did this and figured it out, I briefed one of the representatives of AirportConnection on how to manage the Google Adwords account, so that it would be sustainable once my internship ended. Week Eleven: I worked closely with a permanent employee of the AirportConnection company to pass on knowledge about managing the Google Adwords Account.

I also worked again on retrieving some data from the phone and email account and reloading it into the permanent Limo Anywhere database. Week Twelve: I checked the website a final time to make sure everything worked properly. I also worked some more on with the reservation database helping retrieve the information of those who had reservations for the following day in order to match them with the proper drivers and work out the schedules.

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