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Japanese businessman built a relationship with the customers to meet and go above their expectations. Loyalty and repeat business was established with the customers, therefore the positive referrals from the customers were gained. It was decided for seeking customer’s information good behavior with the customer and due respect was paid to the customers’ complaints. It was assured that customers are satisfied with the services provided to them. Program on Alternative Investment

The program on the alternative investment was firstly developed in the United States and Europe, which is rapidly growing and developing in Japan and also in the East Asia. Powerful forces like financial innovation; industrial restructuring and the low volatile return have been generated by traditional investment in Japan. The alternative investment program was established by the Center on Japanese Economy and Business, This is an important field and regarded as key implications for business managers, government policymakers and academic researchers.

Examination of growth and distinctive features of this nontraditional assets and protection against expected loss funds, private shares business and commercial real estate are part of this alternative investment program. As the new economy is crumbling in the United States of America, Japan has learnt from America’s economy mistakes. Japan is also developing its wireless technology; Europe and other countries are also learning the art of developing economy from Japan, as the progress of Japan’s economy is unstoppable. Business Groups/Companies in Japan:

The country is the biggest manufacturer/exporter due to which its economy got stability and durability and it is also the main factor behind the progress and development of Japan. The following is a glimpse of the Japanese giants that has put Japan in the driving seat. Aeon Company Ltd. AEON is the holding company of AEON group. It also operates JUSCO supermarkets directly in Japan. AEON is the largest retailer in Asia and is a multi faceted retail netwroking. It has 129 consolidated subsidiaries and 26 equity method affiliated with company raning from Ministop to supermarkets including Talbos.

AEON is the Japan’s largest shopping mall developer and operator in Japan. Aiwa Aiwa was established in 1951. It is a Japanese consumer and electronic company. Its audio and video equipmnet are notorious around the globe. This company made the Japan’s first cassette tape recorder, stereo tape deck, manufactured first digitial audit tape, headphone stereo and proved itself as the leader in the mini systems. It has played a pivotal role in earning the foreign exchange for the economy of Japan.

Later, it became bankrupt and its rival Sony Corporation purchaed it, and now, AIWA has become one of divisions of Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation Sony Corporation is a well known multinational company of Japan. It is a one of the world’s largest Japanese company. It has a group of a number of media companies. It manufacturers a number of equipments like Radio, Television, Publishing movies and home appliances, etc. According to a survey of 2006, Sony Corporation’s revenue is over $68. 39 billions. The Headquarter of the company is in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Sony is one of the renowned organizations who manufacture electronic, video, communicatons, video games and products of information technology. It is also a part of Sony Group. Arc System Works It is a video game developer company located in Yokohama Japan. It was founded by Minoru Kidooka in the year 1988. ARC System works is best known due to its arcade 2D figther, gulty gear and its sequels. Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. Citizen watch is a very well known Japanese company. The corporate group office is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Initially the company was founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in the year 1918. Currently manufacturing CINCOM precision lathe machine tool apart from Citizen watches. Trade name CITIZEN was adopted in 1924. It is the biggest producer of watches around the world. Daihatsu Meaning of the DAIHATSU is manufacturer of engines. It is a well known company for manufacturing cars and exporting around the world, especially compact / small cars. In Japan, these compact cars are known as Ki Jidosha. Daihatsu manufactures hybrid vehices and two stroke diesel engines.

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