Custom fitting golf clubs – designed for every golfer

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Every person has a distinct style of playing golf and making shots. The swing and physical capability differs and hence there is a need of personalized golf club custom. Due to these clubs, many naive golfers check their measurement and conduct a self- assessment to prepare them selves for professional golfing. Custom fitting golf clubs are designed in such a way that a good swing will produce a straight shot with a square impact from the club shape.

How to make a perfect Custom Golf Club

There are various technical requirements before designing a custom fit club like gender of the person, height include stockings and socks, person’s height from wrist to floor without wearing shoes, age, skill level, physical issues, swing speed, type of club used at 150 yard marker etc. Through gender, the golf club decides to map into the scale of its standard length definition created for men and women with different heights. The club length is determined by the height factor measured in inches from wrist to floor. Generally, the length varies from 3 ?-inches +1 ?-inch as a starting point varying from ladies to men.

The other technical requirements like age, skill level, physical issues, swing speed, type of club used at 150 yard marker determines the club’s shaft flex suitable for each person. Another important factor is to have a perfect slice for smooth finish. Custom golf club is more up right means that club’s toe will be slightly off ground as compared to flat clubs which can produce a swing fault. The varying methods adopted by different manufactures have a common goal to make a custom fitting golf club matching every person requirements. In the beginning, simple measurements related to wrist, height and hand size is taken to consult for the best club with a suitable shape angle from the ground for a person.

Practical sessions are taken on various golf clubs to judge the best among using impact tape and board kept on bottom and floor respectively. The concept is that when ever a strike is made, the board will mark on the tape showing whether heel or toe is making the first strike. This helps to judge the club to be more up right or optimum. Through advanced analysis equipment, it is easier to measure club speed, spin of ball, launch angle, back spin required to generate, impact efficiency, and other factors to make suitable amendments to shape of club. The old clubs can either build from scratch or use an appropriate manufacturer to tailor the shape. All professional and naive golfers get benefited from custom clubs. However, it should be remembered that professional coaching is required to lean the game and these clubs only help in getting the swing right. Custom fitting offers no cost depending on number of clubs bought as per the budget.

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