Crown & Castle- Butley Priory

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In order to complete this assignment I have to compare all three companies, in order to do I will you their websites and their brochure. Crown and Castle website gives its potential customers the opportunity to look at some of the information about the hotel. They have given a variety of information about the hotel, which the members of the public can view for themselves and make a decision of the hotel while viewing the website. Crown and Castle give its customers information like the history of the hotel, what the hotel looks like, what special offers they are giving etc.

The website also give the opportunity to book a stay at the hotel over the Internet. There is also a page whereby the user can see how much it would cost for them to stay at the hotel. On the website there are no thumbnail link which gives the user a chance to enlarge an image. I think that there is no point of a thumbnail link as all the images are at reasonable size and clear to see. The website also has another purpose, which is to provide the local community of their existence. The appearance of the website is very attractive and eye catching.

The use of colours and positioning of images has created a website which would entice people to visit the hotel. Crown and Castle have used a very light purple colour like a lavender colour. The text in the website is black throughout and the font is similar to ‘Georgia’ font. Crown and Castle have not used to many images, which is a good thing because it does not make the user confused. The images throughout the site are placed in a grid format and so therefore all the images look attractive.

One of the common similarities that Crown and Castle has that all of the website is that they all have the same features. This website is user friendly because is it very easy to use throughout the site. The website is not at all confusing to use and all you have to do is click on the button and the information will appear. If the user did get lost all he/she will have to do is click on the button on the top of the page. For the user to stay at the hotel they can book their stay over the Internet. For them to do this they have to fill out a booking form.

The form on this website is very easy is to use and understand as all the question asked are in plain simple English and all the user has to do is fill in their details. And press the ‘Submit Query’ button. If a person that did not know how to use a computer or the Internet they would find it easy to navigate themselves around the website as the layout is plain and simple. I believe that Crown and Castle is aiming at people in their late 30 and beyond that. I say this because the images provided by the company show bottles of wines; bolder people talking and types of food are not related to thing where you would find children in.

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