Crime Occurrence with Minors as the Perpetrators

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The Dilemma of the problem is whether the majority of them will agree or not agree on my proposition that teenagers should be sent into prison when they committed a crime for them to have corresponding penalties. Should the people look or perceive my proposition as a moral idea or not? As I go with this position paper I will try to indicate some of the usual problems and opinions with regard to addressing teenage crime involvement rate.

By watching news on television and by simply having my own observation in the current situation or issue that is happening in our society, I noticed that some of the crimes whether minor or hideous involved are the minors or teenagers. They are being accused as the perpetrators of the crime and are involved in such a harsh commotion, and it is a very serious matter because it might cause gang riots that lead to killing.

So as a part of a society we people must set our own collaboration to further address the issue of teenage crime involvement. Let us awaken the spirit of justice that is not fully shown its significance and importance in a particular society. Here in the Philippines, it is good that we have here the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Government Organization that accepting responsibility in taking care of those teenagers who have committed crimes or violated moral conduct. However, even though DSWD is always ready in accepting minors that needed to be in their custody, crime rate involving minors seems to be inevitable. What might be the reason behind? That’s the big question that we need to answer.

In a situation that a minor who committed a crime will be sent in the custody of DSWD, some say that it is the right thing to do to get rid of those stubborn teens. On the other hand, some might say that corresponding heavy penalties should be given to them for those teens not only, to suffer the consequences but also for the teens to have an ample time to think about the wrong things that they have done. So some other people will choose to send them into prison with duration of time instead of putting those teens in DSWD custody.

To somehow settle the issues on whether teenagers should be send into prison or not whenever they committed a crime, maybe we need to have a very fair/humane solution. What if we put those teenagers who committed a crime in counseling first before sending them in the custody of DSWD so that they can be able to realize that what they did is wrong thus, such thing like damaging in the psychological aspect more specifically on the social self of a minor being involved will not be possible. However, if the first solution has not solved, the problem of having high rate in teenage crime involvement, then perhaps sending those teens into prison is worth doing to avoid further damaging the minor’s holistic view on what life is.

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