Cricket – A Sport Played Between Two Competing Teams

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Cricket is recognized as one of the modern sports that first originated in England. It is extremely popular in the various areas that formed up the British Empire. There are several test teams that are particularly recognized in Cricket as a sport. These teams are England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, and others.

This game particularly got an eccentric nature and even the languages used to describe the different aspects of this game are also idiosyncratic in nature. The majority of terms that are used to describe the different aspects of cricket have their origin in Australia and England. In the present times, most of the playing nations and most of the cricketers have widely accepted these terms.

The game of cricket is generally played between the two competing teams and each of these teams has eleven members. There is a large expanse of grass on which this game is primarily concentrated on and this is termed as pitch. In most of the cases, the different cricket teams are comprised of players who have mixed abilities, that is, some of the members of the team specialize in batting while others specialize in bowling. There are only some occasional players who can excel in both types of skills.

Each of the teams also appoints a highly specialist player who acts as wicket-keeper. A length of grass that is present in the center of the pitch is termed as ‘wicket’. At both the sides of the wicket, there are three sticks placed adjacent to each other and this placement is generally ensured in an upright position. This is termed as ‘stumps’. The three sticks are separated from each other by a small distance and this distance is generally not more than the diameter of a cricket ball. There is a chalk outline in front of each set of the stumps. This is termed as ‘crease’. There are two umpires who are known in this game. The length of the different games is generally variable in terms of duration of time and also in terms of the number of balls that are bowled.

As a part of this game, one team will generally bat first and the other one will bowl first. The batsmen will generally play in pairs and each of these batsmen will have a bat. Each of the two batsmen would be at the end of each of the wickets. The batting team always aims at achieving the objective of scoring the highest number of runs till the time all the members of the team are declared ‘all out’. This target is then set for the bowling team and they need to surpass this target score in order to win the match. That is, the reversal of roles is now ensured. The batting team now starts bowling and the bowling team starts batting. The reversal of the roles will happen once or more depending upon the format of cricket being played.

In this game, it is possible to score runs in a number of ways that is by being able to run between the wickets after a shot or directly ensuring to score four runs or six runs for which there are specified rules. Similarly even the dismissals of the playing batsmen can also happen in a number of ways.
All in all cricket is a very interesting game and it is liked by millions of people in this world.

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