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The advantages are that an advert in print is normally kept for longer, so it may be seen many times by different people, colour printing is now available at a much lower cost, coupons can be in the advert so that the person can cut them out and it is easy to reach a target group with magazines. The disadvantages are that readers will skip the advert most of the time, you may have to design different adverts for different newspapers or magazines, in some newspapers/magazines the advert may be surrounded by others, thus causing the advert to loose its affect and magazine adverts cost more then newspapers.

Posters/ Billboards The advantages are that the posters are normally big, colourful so they grab people attention, it can be targeted at particular areas of the country, they are very good to advertise in the local area and they are quite cheap. The disadvantages are that posters may be ignored by drivers, or pedestrians, message must be brief, or it will not work, and no detailed information can be placed on the advert. Leaflets The advantages are that it is very good to target a certain group, they are relatively cheap, they can include coupons for the reader and the reader may keep them around for a long time.

The disadvantage is that it may not be read. Cinemas The advantages are that this is a good method for a local business to advertise, the advert will have a big impact because of the size of the screen and the quality of the sound and it is very good to target a young audience. The disadvantage is that people may dislike the fact that they have to wait for you advert before they can watch the film and the advert can only be seen by a limited number of people. Evaluation of advertising It would be impractical of me to use television as a form of advertising, as I will only have one shop in a local area.

Also the cost involved in creating the advert, and putting it on television is enormous. Radio would be a better option but as I only have one shop, it is not a good method to use at this time. This is because the advert will be heard by the whole of London. However, I will only target the earls court area. Local papers are a very good method in my case, but this will depend on the results of questionnaire that I carry out. A magazine is not suitable as they are normally national. Another very good method would be advertising on local transport, as people in the local area will see them.

This will also depend on the results of my questionnaire. A mail shoot would be a good method as I can target a specific group, and it is very cheap, but this will also depend on my research. Advertising in a local cinema would be a very good method, but because it only goes to a limited number of people I think it is not that good. Also as young people normally see films, this is a disadvantage as they often have the least money. The method of advertising that I am choosing has little effect on the local area. The only effect that there is that the leaflets that are delivered are just thrown away damaging the environment.

My conclusion is that the best method for me to use is poster billboards on public transport. Even though more people have access to television, this media is not suitable for my business. I will also use leaflets as this would mean that I could put in coupons for the reader. Also that I should use bright colours in my advert, as my leaflets should have a distinctive shape. I will advertise on the local transport system i?? 98 per month, for a small advert on the back of a bus. The leaflets that I will produce will cost i?? 25 for a 1000 delivery, and printing costs vary. The first adverts are the one that would be placed on buses.

The advert is brief, as there may not be enough time to read it, and shows some information about opening times. The advert tells people about my Internet cafi?? and special offers. The second advert is in a shape of a computer as I hope that this will catch a person’s attention. It has the same colours, and style of the other advert so that people will remember them. There is also a discount if you show the advert on one purchase; this is a way of getting people into the shop. Promotions A promotions is not run for a very long time, they are used to help the advertising, and to get existing and new customers to buy the product.

This is only ever used for a short time. The advantages of having promotions are that it can help to boost sales when they are low; it gets people to use new products and engorges. The different kinds of promotion, which will be suitable for me, would be: Money off This is where you offer money off your product so to attract customers. Coupons could be used, these can be in leaflets, or come in a previous product that you buy. Another way is where there is a discount in the whole shop and no coupons are needed. The idea of these is to get the customer to use the computers.

In store displays/demos This is where there is an in store demo of the product in use, or there is a special in-store displays. The idea of these is to incise the customer into buying their product. The method of promotion that I going to use is price reductions, and in-store demos. This is because if people are using the computer for the first time, they would hopefully have some knowledge of how to use a computer and the internet. Using price reductions, such as using the internet for an hour at half price, would help to bring people back.

The use of free samples, gifts, competitions are not very suitable for my shop. This is because it would be impractical to give out free samples, competitions will take a lot of time to set up and run, and gifts are not of any use as you normally only buy one of the product. I will also have special offers such as buying a coffee will give you a free extra 15 minutes to use the computer. I have concluded from my second plan is that I now know what methods of advertising, promotion, and packaging I will use and I know what benefits I will offer my customers .

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