Creating a system for print Ministry

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For my project, I would be creating a system for a company (my uncle’s company). I choose to design this system because I think the business is weak at this point and because of that I think they lose at least 1. 2% of their revenue. So decide to create this program to help them in this part of their accounting. This system is to be used for calculating how much profit and loss the business is making and how much money most customers spend, and what job most customers prefers to do with the business and what customers dislike.

I would also be calculating the amount discount they would be getting if they do more one job with the company. For me to calculate such information, I would need to have some of their invoices and their job list documents. They would also need to calculate all there purchasing cost and their wages they pay out to their workers, the taxes they pay, the bills and much more. Then I would collect the information and work on it. Background: Print Ministry is a sole trader company. My uncle owns the company. The company was founded in the early 19’s, 1992.

The company is currently 11years old. Print Ministry was first set up in a small flat, as when the company’s revenue grew they had enough money to look for a shop to rent and set their business in it. The company has eight workers in working in the business. All workers work in the company the company. My uncle those not believe in Tele-working. He says that if customers where to work at home, they would work on their own pace and get as much work done. Print Ministry do not sell products, they offer services. The service they offer is printing.

In Print Ministry there are 7 workers who work in and for Print Ministry there are two workers who work on the computer and their job is to design documents such as, leaflets, books cover, stickers, mug pictures to be pasted on mugs, key ring holder designing, clocks, they put your pictures in the c o’clock and design the picture first before it. All these workers do is design. Two workers print the documents the designers design. They print on full colour printers. Two more workers are responsible for the hand job of the company.

These workers have to clip in the key rings when it has being designed by the design designers and they also paste the mugs pictures on the mugs and they clip in magnets and do the entire clipping in job that needs to be done. My uncle is the manager of is company. He does not do much work in the company he is always out delivering jobs to people or going to buy the necessary equipment that are finished to restore them or he goes to exhibitions to check out what machine he could buy that would help its company. Most customers that come to print ministry, are always ordering for key rings and also for leaflet to be printed out.

Key rings are always the most orders. At the end of each week there is often about 500 key rings order that needs to be done. The leaflets are also often a lot because different companies are always bring out new offers and when they do this they need to put it in a leaflet or brochure so they come to us and we design it for them and print it out. Analysis Interview This information would help me to know what the company is lacking, and it would help me to know what to design for the business and what they need to help them ICT wise.

I would need to create a page that shows all what the business offers to their customers. So that, when a customer comes to the company for an enquiry, these could be printed out and handed to them to let see all what the business offers. At the bottom of the print out, there would be a text telling the customers that they have to pay 50% of the balance. I would also need another message that would show the customers that they would be given a 2week time to come and prove read their job.

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