Creating a Database

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Microsoft Windows(r) 95 or later operating system, or Microsoft Windows NT(r) Workstation operating system version 4. 0 Service Pack 3 or later Peripherals Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse(r), or compatible pointing device So when deciding on a new system to buy, the specification of the new system must meet the minimum requirements needed for Microsoft Access, but the specification of the new pc should be higher than the minimum requirements, because otherwise information will be slow to load up As the minimum requirements for Microsoft Access aren’t very high, the new system will be quite cheap to buy, so there possibly won’t be any constrains on cost as well.

PRINTER Also along with the new system, a printer will also have to be purchased, and the printer doesn’t have be colour, It can be a mono inkjet printer, as all that will be printed will be things such as forms, reports, tables, etc, no images will be printed.

The speed of the printer does not necessarily have to be very high, it should be a minimum of 5ppm, and the noise of the printer should be smooth and quiet, as if the printer is loud, then it may be unpleasant for customers. Here are some of the systems that I have found on a low budget basis, and these systems meets all the requirements that are needed to run Microsoft access. I have also looked at inkjet printers that could be purchased as well, here is one of the items looked at:

With the new system, there will only have to be one computer and all there will be three users, and one user will be the admin, and will have access to change all information such as prices and stock. PERIPHERALS As the company only deals with furniture it doesn’t really need extra peripherals such as barcode readers and touch screen systems, although it would be an advantage to have a touch screen system as it can make things more efficient, but having a touch screen system can be expensive, ranging from prices of around 400.

Touch screens are also suitable for clicking buttons, but a lot of information will be typed out, so it is probably easier not to have a touch screen. BACKUP The minimum device that will be used for backup will be a floppy drive, and this will store information on a floppy disk, if ever the is a problem with the system and work needs to be saved. The floppy disk can only store 1. 44mb of data, so in case data doesn’t fit on the floppy disk, it would be convenient to also have a CD rewriter drive, where this will store information on a compact disk, and this can store information up to 700mb, so this can store large amounts of data.

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