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Technological transform guides to better production of goods and services due to: Computer-aided manufacturing this decreases employment costs, is more precise and quicker, and can work at any hour of the day. The computer runs the machines. Computer-integrated manufacturing here, computers runs the whole production row. Best example is in car production where robots carry out much of the work, dropping the need for effort to perform uninteresting, custom tasks. Computer-aided design Computers is used to help create products by computer created models and 3D drawings.

Decreases the need to make physical models to test assured setting, known as prototypes. This can be exclusive to produce just for testing purposes. Therefore new production technology can raise the speed of production, progress the quality of the product and lessen costs per unit of production. Technological change can be observed in the shops and the condition of other services such as banking or repairs. Electronic point of sale and Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale speed up dealings in shops and give imperative information for businesses so can sort out their stock levels.

Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale means that shoppers can pay for goods and services by credit and debit cards. Banks can use machines to transport cash or take deposits, therefore stay open all hours. Repair people can use handheld computers to work out what is incorrect with the machinery they are investigating. Technological change in the office helps accelerate the movements of information and advances the study of information: Communication is enhanced through the use of the Intranet and Internet.

The intranet is an inner system of computer communication while the internet can be used to correspond with customers, suppliers between others in the outside world. Workers can work outside the office using mobile technology such as phones, laptops and modems. Computers can be used to method, examine and store huge amounts of data to give the organization more worth information. The Internet can also be useful for staffing purposes. Job vacancies can be promoted and targeted to the right addressees, often pricing less than print alternatives. E. g. e-teach sends free emails each week featuring teachers posts to subscribers.

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