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The problem is that I need to advertise Deal Academy of Performing Arts, because it does not have much attention on it, and I would like to get more people interested in it. The following table shows all possible ways of advertising DAPA, how each solution could be implemented and their advantages and disadvantages. Possible solutions How they could be applied Advantages Disadvantages Flyers They could be handed out, posted through doors, left for people to pick up. They are easy to distribute, and easy to view. They are normally appealing, so people would want to read them.

Lots of people throw flyers away as soon as they get them, and do not read them. They do not have any immediate links to more information, so people could not be bothered about finding out about DAPA. Posters They could be stuck up in shops, houses, other places. These are easily viewed when put in public places. People are drawn to them if they look attractive. People could be too far away to see the posters, or they would not bother looking at them. Again, there are no immediate links, so people would ignore the posters. Newspapers

Adverts could be put in, articles could be written, photos could be displayed. Many people read newspapers, so lots would see the advert if it was appealing to them. People often ignore newspaper adverts, or only go to particular sections of the newspapers which would not have a DAPA advert. There are no immediate links. Television advert Short adverts could be filmed and shown on television, including information. Like newspapers, lots of people watch television. But television would be more successful, as people often watch anything in between programmes.

The channel could easily be changed during the adverts, and it would be very expensive to make a television advert. The links would not be there immediately. Radio advert Adverts could be recorded and played, with information for listeners. Radio advertising is well known for having a positive affect, so it would be a good idea. People often listen to the radio, so the advert would get heard. The immediate links would not be available, and people might change the station during the adverts. Also, people often ignore the adverts.

PowerPoint presentations They could be put in places with computers, could be with mouse or touch screen. These usually look very attractive and are fun to use, so people would find them interesting and want to know more. They have immediate links to information on DAPA. These are not easily viewed unless there is a computer to access. Web pages Could give out the address, people could visit and get information. The internet is very easy to access, so a web page could be viewed lots. Web pages are very useful for dispersing information.

Immediate links. There are many web pages on the internet, so the address would not be found easily. I would have to distribute its address beforehand, in order to get visits. Web advert I could get space on a major web page, others could notice DAPA and be interested. Web adverts can be placed on other web pages, so people could be tempted to click on the advert for more information if they saw an appealing one. Immediate links. Most people ignore or shut down web adverts, because they annoy them whilst on another page. Junk mail

I could send it to lots of email addresses and hope for them to read it. Immediate links to information on DAPA, and I could interest them with the title. Junk mail is usually deleted without even being viewed, as it can be very tiresome if the person did not want it. I have chosen to do a PowerPoint presentation, as it is easy to create and interesting for others to view. It has several advantages, which can be seen in the previous table. System specification People The people that will use the system will be anyone that wants to read it.

A PowerPoint presentation would not be easily seen, so they would have to know about the presentation before viewing it. On the other hand, it could be the general public who would see the presentation, as they would be able to see it on a public computer e. g. in a library, or in an information centre. The presentation could also be on a touch screen computer, which could be in several places. I think that the people that my presentation would appeal most to are either children, or adults who would want their children to attend.

The effects of the system had on the way that people work would be that they knew about DAPA, and that they could go to it easily with all of the information readily available to them. The people that I would need to consult as the design and implementation stages of the new system progress would be people at DAPA. As I am planning to feature some of the teachers and students at DAPA, I will need to get hold of information about them and the academy. For example, I will have to ask the teachers a few questions for their profiles, and I will also need to have some information such as costs etc.

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