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Sainsbury’s plc are the second in the UK on-line grocery market with up to date annualised sales of approximately �110million and around 71 per cent exposure of UK households, with 25,000 orders per week. Enhanced volumes and better integration of their home delivery service into stores has reduced new customer acquisition costs by 60 per cent and completion

Costs by 30 per cent in the second half compared to the first half of the year.

The company also is the 12th largest food retailer in the US, and a strong regional player, with 185 stores. The plc are number two in revenue terms in the six states that make up the New England market.

Profit and dividend growth have been restored. To deliver a successful business long term, the company are looking for profit growth thorough a balance of strong sales growth, reducing cost base further and the long existence of margin improvements.

The company are committed to achieving industry-leading margins, but it is to early to be accurate about when. The market is dynamic and the competition is very active. The plc have choices about the rate of sales growth against margin targets. But the company are also dedicated to delivering strong double-digit underlying profit growth each year of their business alteration programme.

These tables show how much the company has come along in the last four years. The company’s underlying profit has been maximised nearly every year and this shows that the company are dedicated to meeting customer satisfaction.

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