Contribution of Marketing to Sustainability

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The world is facing an extreme crisis in natural resources like food, energy, and water, however trough its small annual income, the world can produce numerous high technology gadgets that can provide clean food, energy, and cure for diseases. With the existence of technology, the world has growing problems but people tend to overlook the global solutions that can save everyone. Jeffrey Sachs discussed the problems that the world is facing today, the possible solutions that can be done, and the goals that should be achieved at the expected time.

According to him, a clear objective, an effective technology, a clear implementation strategy, and a source of financing are the four elements to attain the goals like ending poverty, stabilization of the world population, and approach to global problem solving to unity. These problems, according to Sachs are attainable, however facing them in the wrong way make them hard to be solved. Apparently, the world can invent new gadgets but the people cannot realize the common wealth that everyone possesses to solve all the problems in the world where the technology has been improving to make the lives convenient. (Sachs)

The ability of people to satisfy all the needs and wants today without thinking the possible conflicts of the future generation to meet their needs is called sustainability. The “Business Case for Sustainability” addresses the solutions to make a business grow and increase productivity. Apparently, sustainability opens opportunities to marketers and business sectors because the world has been looking for new products from time to time. However, this may also bring conflicts to marketers because constant innovation of new products in the market may also lead to early decline stage of businesses. (“Sustainable Business Solutions”)

Basically, marketing has a big contribution to the world’s sustainability. The products that people can see in the market, may they be old or new products are results of creative and excellent marketing plan of the marketers. Since sustainability talks about the state in which the society can satisfy the needs, the contribution of marketing to the sustainability of the world is evident. Marketers are the ones who supply the products to the people and create influential demand to the public. All the products that people consider important today are the products that marketers portrayed as important through media sources.

Apparently, the constant innovation of the products in the market are not merely because of the people’s demand but also the strategy of marketers to stay in the business and make the life cycle of every product longer in the marketplace. These influential demands give the consumers many choices and leave them craving for more products. It is a manifestation that marketing can be considered as the source of sustainability of the society. The society focuses on the needs rather than on the problems that the world is currently facing today.

Marketers have been successful in introducing new products in the market because the society easily accepts and uses them. This leads to a bigger problem because the societal problems are oftentimes neglected because the society can easily satisfy their wants and needs. Apparently, the world today is full of plain consumerism which makes the society fond of material things that can provide by the marketers. The world appears to be blind of the problems that can be easily provided by answers because the people can immediately take and reject a responsibility in technological world.

Terrorism, poverty, and hunger are the problems that are always lacking with solutions; however, gadgets for new modes of communication are the easiest to provide because everyone is willing to buy and cooperate.

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