Contrasting knowledge of learning styles

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A comparative study of two schools with contrasting knowledge of learning styles and how this affects pupils and teachers performance.

Background information:

Graham, Holt-Hale and Parker states that as educators, we need to believe that all pupils can learn and all pupils want to learn. Cynthia Tobias (1994) says “each of our children perceive the world differently from the way we do. Each child is a unique individual with his or her own natural strengths or preferences. These individual gifts are called learning styles”. An understanding of learning styles is essential to ensure each child is given the best chance to succeed. To achieve success and professional satisfaction, it is vital teachers employ a variety of teaching skills/styles that interact effectively with the particular teaching environment and need for each pupil.

Research supports that there are three basic methods of sensory perception that teachers use in varying degrees, which include auditory, visual and kinaesthetic (Barbe, 1985).


The comparative study will take place in two schools. One, which has knowledge of all pupils learning styles with teachers that have been made aware of the importance of learning styles. The other in contrast as the school has no sound knowledge of learning styles. I aim to visit each school to observe lessons, to see whether there is a difference in teaching styles and do they accommodate the pupils leaning needs.

Qualitative questionnaires will be used to analyse how aware the teachers are of learning styles and what the teachers do to accommodate the pupils differences in learning.

Some quantitative research will be used to show the effects of having the knowledge of learning styles.

Statistical data will be researched to show whether the understanding of learning styles can have an underpinning factor on the results of the pupils in SAT’s and GCSE’s.

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