Contemporary issues in physical education and sport

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If I was observing a physical education games lesson, the physical objectives I would like to see covered are; the pe teacher demonstrating and explaining certain skills and tactics to do with the game, followed by practise within a small group or a team game situation, depending on number in the group and facilities available, with the possibility of a full game towards the end of the lesson and also that the teacher has experience so that advice and tips can be given to the children in different situations, has a variety of training programmes so that students can improve, also that the teacher has the necessary skills to support them and praise them when they are doing well.

Active leisure is thought to be important because leisure is free time in which the individual has freedom to choose. Active leisure is more important than passive leisure because it will keep you fitter and your body in a better condition for living. So that you will be able to live longer and have more stamina and speed to maybe take on a leisure activity at the weekends, for example a football match which can boost your social skills as well.

The suggestion that we do not learn enough at school about sports we can play for a lifetime means that you have not been taught enough about the appropriate behaviour and attitudes both on and off the game. Pe is not just about the physical aspects it’s about the moral aspects as well.

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The aspects of personal development that might be associated with a mountain walk are skill such as; cognitive skills, perceptual skills and motor skills.

Dynamic strength would be needed exerting muscular force repeatedly over a period of time climbing up a steep part of the mountain.

Static strength – the maximum strength that can be exerted against an external object, this would be used to push an object out of the way.

Explosive strength – is energy used effectively for a short burst of muscular effort, this can be used or pulling you up.

Extent flexibility is flexing or stretching the trunk and back muscles, this could be used to bend under something.

Gross body co-ordination and equilibrium is the organisation of the actions of several parts of the body whilst the body is moving, this can be used when walking/running. Trunk strength is the strength of the abdominal muscles which can be used when running or climbing.

A mountain walking experience would influence my concern for others because it can be a very dangerous activity to do if you are not experienced at climbing and/or have no basic survival techniques.

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