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The writing in this advert is a medium font size. The part with ‘free silk tie’ is in larger red capital and is the most notable writing on the page. The name of the company is placed at the bottom, but is not very noticeable. It is also in blue, which blends in with the background colour. This advert would appeal to the aspirers and succeeds. They aspirers would probably be attracted to the name and the look of the shirt. The succeeders would mostly be attracted to the free tie so they would buy it also for the quality of the shirt too.

HOMEPRIDE Advert Another human weakness is ‘gluttony’ which is the desire for more food and drink. The Homepride advert plays on the desire for food. I It is coloured brightly to attract attention when the reader is looking through the pages of the magazine. The image depicted in this advert display a variety of cartoon vegetables applying to the popular Homepride man to go into one of his new sauces. The slogan is ‘Deliciously Good Recruitment’. There is also some text at the bottom of the page telling the reader all about how fantastic the product is and what varieties it comes in.

This advert would appeal to our desire for good food as it promotes good healthy eating that can be tasty too. This product would appeal to mainstream and reformer groups. The mainstreamers would be attracted to the name ‘Homepride’ as it is used in a lot of houses. The reformers would be attracted to this product as it enforces the fact that it contains no artificial additives. DANNIMAC Advert The weakness envy is also used in advertisements. It plays on the need to be as attractive, happy or successful as the people around you.

The advert is advertising raincoats. The picture shows three young, pretty women enjoying themselves in the rain. All three woman come across as being successful, confident and that they have money as the scene is set in what appears to be a wealthy part of London. This would be attractive to aspirers as the product comes across as quite expensive. The only text on the advert is ‘Dannimac – whatever the weather’. The statement promotes the flexibility of the product and that it looks good whenever it is worn. This may be attractive to succeeders, as it would be bought for purpose.

This advert plays on envy by showing three individual women. A reader could feel that she could take the place of one of these women and she could be as happy as her, if only she had the coat. COCO CHANEL Advert Pride can also be a technique used by advertisers; an advert can base itself on pride by surrounding itself by expensive backgrounds and beautiful models. The Coco advert is advertising perfume. The name ‘Chanel’ is already a popular upper class name.

This advert shows a woman in an expensive room, with a white leather sofa and gilded picture frame. Already this depicts money. The model is wearing a designer dress that implies wealth. In front of her is a bottle of perfume. Across the front of the picture there is writing saying ‘Coco mademoiselle’ imprinted in a black and white irregular typeface. This writing looks as if it has come from the ‘punk’ era. This promotes individuality, therefore implying the exclusiveness of the product.

Also at the bottom is the writing ‘ a new fragrance from Chanel’ which makes the product new and exciting. This advert plays on the pride of the reader as if she was to buy it she would have the same environment and image as the woman in the advert. SWAN HELLENIC Advert Another weakness appealed to is sloth. Sloth is usually used to advertise holidays for the mid thirties and upwards, although it is used to promote some foods for people who don’t have much time like single parents. To promote products using sloth is a technique often found in magazines for holiday adverts.

This advert is for a holiday company who offers to take you to the Mediterranean. The picture is of a building on a rock face in the late evening. On the top of the picture, in handwriting typeface is a description of the place and a witty ending. The language in the text uses a lot of descriptive words but non are harsh or out of place. The text tells a story of how hard it used to be to get to the building and ends in the change that has been made to get to the building by road. At the bottom of the picture it is has text telling us about the service. The language used seems to be purely ‘business like’ even though the offer is promoted as memorable. This advert promotes the product to mainstreamers for who cruises and package deal holidays are considered a ‘normal and safe’ option.

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