Consumer Behaviour with context to E-Commerce

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NAS I-: E-commerce There has been a tremendous rise and increase in the e-commerce. E-commerce refers to Electronic commerce which includes buying and selling of goods carried out electronically mostly on the internet and World Wide Web. E-commerce concept is in its full swing in India. The people of India have welcomed the E-commerce concept. There is continuous increase in the buying and selling of goods on the Internet.

Cryptographic Segmentation of Indian People And E-commerce Segmentation is dividing the market in to different segments in order to select the target customers. Market can be segmented on various bases. Cryptographic Segmentation is done on the basis of lifestyle of the people. In India there been a continuous change in the lifestyle of the people found depending upon the new trend. There is a vast effect and attraction of the western culture on the lifestyle of people.

In India the lifestyle of the people is different from people that live in the cities and that in the village. The lifestyle of the people living in cities is far more advanced than villagers due to higher facilities and the adaptability of the quicker change by the urban population. The E-commerce sector had made a very good use of this segment. The people in cities easy and quick access to internet and there is also a large use of internet found in this place. They readily and quickly accept the new trends in fashion.

The latest clothing trends seen in the movie or any of the glamour world personality is rightly kept in to sell by the shopping sites like Gabon, Mantra, and Shopper’s etc. For Ex-: Elena, Margins and Varian Divan these popular young superstars of plywood followed and liked youngsters were selected as brand ambassador of Gabon. Also various imitation Jewelry is being sold online keeping in mind the likings of urban ladies who enjoys wearing new patterns of leery. Jaywalkers. Com is an example of such a shopping site where only Jeweler is being sold.

Also in order to wait in long lines and going out for having your favorite fast food giants like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Sub Way and various other have enabled online ordering. The availability of the products of various international brands like Emporium Airman, Roles and other luxurious brands shows the sign of success of e-commerce. Looking at the lifestyle of urban citizens who like to have dinner out every weekend the coupon’s are made available at sites like Group of big v star hotels like Grand

Hyatt, which offer weekends buffet dinners. Demographic Segmentation of Indian People and E-commerce In Demographic segmentation the market is segmented on the basis of the Age, Gender, Education, Religion, Nationality, Income, Social Class etc. Starting with the major head Age it has been found that it is the young generation vastly use internet on their laptops and mobile phones. They are also the biggest fashion crazy people Consumer Behavior with context to E- Commerce By indistinguishably 802 and rapidly adopt the latest trends.

The examples tot some tomato clothing sites are Gabon, Mantra and Jungle. On the basis of the gender also a separate segment for men, women and children’s can be found on the sites like eBay, Amazon etc. Also there are sites like www. Sheepishness. Com are only for ladies. Keeping in mind the cultural and religious thought and its heavy impact on the Indian customers there are various products like beautiful lightings being sold at the time of dial also colors and Pushchairs are being sold at the time of Hold.

Even idols of god are being made available and the clothing at various festivals such as China Chili and Karts at the time of Invariant etc. For Ex-:Trades. Mom Conclusion Various other factors that stand to the success of e-commerce in India are the positive thought in the minds of the people about the originality of the product, also giving the trial option, warranty and cash on delivery and cash back guarantee increases the faith in customers and encourage them to buy online.

It has been also perceived that the online price is less as compared to the retail outlets due to the eradication of middlemen in between. Also looking at the rush at various public places in cities as well as villages the government has also enabled online booking of sickest, voter ID cards and passport application facility on the internet. NAS 2-: Marketing Mix is the combination of elements of marketing and the role played by each and every element in the process of marketing There is difference in the behavior of a customer from a city and from that of a customer of a village.

Product The villages buy with concept of fulfilling Just necessity and the urban people buy with the concept of fulfilling necessity and also for standard, wish, pleasure and comfort. The products that would be kept for sale in to villagers will mostly comprise f the goods related to the basic necessities such as grains, cloths and various other products that would be a part of their day today life. The products would also be such that which the villagers would easily prefer. For Ex-: The sale of olive oil would not be good in villages as compared to cities.

Studies say that villages have great brand loyalty from that of cities. It is important to keep the products of customer’s preference in the store. Place The villagers do not have goods means of transportation so the place to be chosen for the retail store must be near to the village as well as the place must be not far way from the main road. As the villagers own vehicles like cycle and motor cycle in which only two persons can sit and the timeliest in villages are tot bigger size. In cities due to increase in the transpiration facility and ownership of cars it is easy for them to travel a little longer distance.

Price Price would play an important factor in the success of the store. The villagers earns from agriculture and other allied activities. The income of the villager is low as compared to that of an urban citizen. The purchasing power of villager is less due to his income. So it is to be kept in mind that the products to be sold must not be of high price. For this individual packets of a product such as biscuits should be sold rather than that of family packets. Even though they can even be reduced in a pack of 4 of 5 biscuits per pack.

Promotion Promotion in villages should be done on mediums such as at bus stations, writing on the buses, radios, television etc. Personal Marketing at the time of various meals in the villages can also be very useful. Personal Marketing will have a greater impact on the village customers as all their doubts can be cleared and all the description of the reduce can be given. Also various local events like night matches which happen in villages can be sponsored. In cities the promotion can be done on internet, Railway stations and holdings.

People People refer to the persons who would directly do the marketing to the village customers. It is to be kept in mind that the persons selected for personal marketing must be having additional skills like the knowing the local language of the village. It would be best if the marketing person selected would be one among the village which would help in more effective communication with the villagers. In cities it not important to find a person from the area itself and he must know any local language.

Process Process is a secret key which can help in winning the minds of the customers. Suppose a customer from the buys a electronic product from the retail store and it has an onsite warranty, it needs to be registered online and there is a need of demo for the usage of the new product then the at the time of the selling the product the online warranty activation can be done at the retail shop itself, the customer can be given the facility to talk to the customer care and confirm his registration process and he demo can also be shown at the shop.

As the city customers are well educated they can themselves do this by their own. Physical Evidence Physical evidence refers to the surrounding environment. It is important that the sales persons have a proper uniform look clean, they have their cards, and the store has a wider space and a good interior. Physical evidence is much essential in cities as the service expected by the people is more due to competition in the cities while due to less competition in the villages some of the factors like uniform and other big store space can be overlooked.

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