Consumer behaviour outcome

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Target Market Decision-Making Process Problem Recognition (Awareness of needs): Consumers would select Stations Specialties/Prime tort social situations such as Birthday Celebration, Friends Gathering, First Date, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversary Celebration. When selecting the choice of restaurant for dining for a special occasion, many factors would be put o consideration such as whether the place is suitable or not, type of food they are interested in and also who are they trying to impress. All these will lead to a different consumer behavior outcome.

Information Search: Consumers usually learnable Stations through the following;word of mouth from friends and relatives, food review forums/food blobs, Stations’ website, advertisements, social networking sites (Backbone, Twitter) and from the experience of their previous visits.

Evaluation of Alternatives: Consumers would evaluate these factors from alternative restaurants (e. G. Jacks place, Outback Steakhouse)

Price: Stations is perceived to be affordable compared to other competitors of selling the same products (steaks and western food products).

Menu: Stations has a wide variety of products to choose from and offers the consumers to mix and match their side dishes.

Service: Stations’ staffs are a young and energetic bunch, which are able to communicate well with the younger generation of consumers and provide them with a friendly and better service experience in order for a return visit.

Environment: Despite the frequent long queue at Stations Specialties/Prime, consumers are willing to wait cause they like the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant compared to the other alternatives.

Location: It’s easy for consumers to find an Stations outlet in various parts of Singapore.

Purchase: purchase confluences by situational factors, time, physical and social.

Examples: The desired food must be available at the time of purchase, the service of staff have to be prompt, friendly and anticipative to consumer’s needs.

The restaurant’s ambiance must be pleasant and acceptable by consumers. The food quality must be maintained; the “doyennes” of steaks has to meet consumers’ deeds and expectations.

Stations has constantly been able to meet or exceed consumers’ expectation of its food, price and ambiance to be able successfully grow its business. These factors are the key drivers of purchase and re-purchases leading to revenue growth. Post-purchase Behavior:consumers will either be satisfied or dissatisfied after visiting and having their meals at a restaurant. With a satisfaction outcome, consumers will usually share their good experience with their friends and family and this will trigger a return visit. On the other hand if the consumers are dissatisfied tit their food and services, they would start complaining to their peers and the bad word of mouth would prevent other consumers a chance to visit the restaurant.

The fact that Stations’ has managed to grow from its humble beginnings to what it is today is testament to its ability to provide complete customer satisfaction in all areas of the dining experience.

4. Personal Intenseness on Buying Behavior Age ; Stages in Life Cycle: People buy different goods and services over a lifetime. They eat baby food when they are young, eat most food in the growing and maturity stage and on special diets when they get older. Taste in clothes, accessories, food and other things is also age related. Most people from this stage of life cycle (age 15-35) have the buying power and money to spend on tasty and quality food in Stations, therefore it’s a good market to target. Occupation& Income:A person’s occupation and income has significant impact on his/ her buying behavior/power.

In the society today, people are very concerned about their image/look and the status, which is a direct outcome of their material prosperity. The status of a person is projected through various symbols like the clothes, accessories and possessions. For example, Members (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen) will dine at an market restaurant like Stations Prime/ Specialties,whereas the lower income worker will eat at hawker centers or coffeepots and this will form the target market for Stations Express. Lifestyle:alt refers to the way an individual lives in a society and is expressed by the things in the surroundings. Acquisitiveness’s, interests and opinions will determine his/her lifestyle and shape whole pattern of acting and interacting in the world.

Then based on the combinations of these dimensions, consumers are lassie accordingly. It is proven valuable in segmenting and targeting consumers according to their lifestyle classification. The lifestyle in Singapore is largely cosmopolitan and the younger generation especially are more geared toward urban lie vying and used to dining at fast food outlets and restaurants rather than hawker centers and coffee shops. Stations is positioned well to cater to the target market with its western-influenced ideology and affordability.

5. Social Influences on Buying Behavior Social Class: Social class fuels certain consumer behaviors, especially the popularity f designer items and the desire to purchase them.

Certain items are perceived to belong to members of certain classes. Consumers are likely to purchase items they view as a part of their social standing, or that they believe will elevate them to a higher social standing. Hanging out at Stations gives the young generation a hip and trendy feeling and it also enhances their social standing and status. Culture: The most fundamental external influence on an individual and their buying behaviors. Ethnic backgrounds and geographical locations play a large part in ultra and establishing culturally acceptable and unacceptable consumer behavior. With more young generation exposed to western culture, Stations has the advantage tot being perceived market. s a westernizes restaurant to attract this sector tot Reference Groups: alt consists of all the groups that have a direct or indirect influence on the person’s attitudes or behavior. Groups having direct influences on a person are called membership groups. Some membership groups are primary such as family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others, whom the person interacts fairly, continuously and informally. Family members such as a spouse, children and parents can exert strong influence on the consumer’s vaingloriously. When the word gets around from a family member or friend about their good experience at Stations, the person who hears it will tend to believe them and give it a try.

As for colleagues, they are usually influenced by the recommendations of their follow co-workers.

6. Psychological Influences on Buying Behavior Motivation:The driving force within individuals that impels them to action and that leads consumer towards buying a product or service. For example, a person is hungry has a need), this will translate into a drive to obtain food to eat and the goal is to satisfy the need. This factor is directly related to “Mason’s Hierarchy of Needs” which indicates that every individual will actively seek to satisfy physiological needs first, followed by safety, social, esteem and lastly, self-actualization needs. Dining at Stations potentially fulfills the individual’s social and self-esteem needs.

Perception: The process that a person selects, organizes and interprets information inputs to create a meaningful picture of the world. For example, two sweaters on ales in the same store, one mass produced in China and the other marked as hand- made in USA, the hand-made sweater is likely to have a higher price and be perceived as more valuable and desirable by consumers, even though both sweaters would keep the consumer warm equally well. Len comparison with Jacks Place, Cotton’s is perceived as more hip and trendy restaurant at the same price point. Learning:People remember each good or bad experience for later use when a similar situation arises.

These experiences influence the consumer’s buying behavior by changing the way they react to products similar to those they already have experience with. Many consumers choose to dine at Stations Prime because they had good previous dining experiences. Companies that focus on the consumer experience often gain repeat business because the consumer does not feel the need to look anywhere else to fulfill that particular need. Beliefs and Attitudes: Beliefs are the way people think about a particular product or subject. An attitude is the individual’s consistently favorable or unfavorable evaluation, tendency or feeling about a particular subject.

Consumers who are constantly satisfied with their dining experience at Stations would tend to be very loyal the company and its product, leading to strong beliefs Witt posit

7. Marketing Strategy, Recommendations & Conclusion Vive attitude e Stations Brand Identity:To serve quality food at affordable prices with a friendly service and atmosphere for dining.

Positioning: position as the mid-class steakhouse, which have 3 different levels of restaurants targeting different types of consumers with different atmospheres. Stations Prime is for the upper class, Stations Specialties for the mid-class and Stations Express for the average class (located in heartland within coffeepots). Andrew, 2010, p. 7)

Product Strategy: Try to introduce new products to attract more new consumers to Stations or improve on the existing dishes Stations have on menu.

Price Strategy: Adopt a different pricing compared to other competitors, in order to make it affordable for the good quality steak at Stations.

Place Strategy: Location must be convenient to a consumer, that’s why Stations have many outlets island wide. Promotion Strategy: In order to minimize costs and facilitate brand building, local media advertising and carnival type of promotion tactics will be emphasized. Stations an invite local food magazine editors and food critic to taste and comment positively on its products or to create loyalty program (membership card) to retain customers.

With all these in place, Stations should be able to increase its growth sales by 2% each year and achieving a total of 10% for the next 5 years.

1) To provide better in-house dining service by giving intensive training to its frontline staff to ensure its customers are happy and will return for more.

2) With the expected growth in Singapore, Stations has to ensure that it meets the market demand for western food.

3) To observe the market trend and its competition so that Stations will be able to enhance its product quality and services at a competitive price together with on going promotions to attract more customers over from other steakhouse patronizes.

4) To create a strong brand awareness through marketing communication activities such as to introduce the Reward Stamp card. For example, with every $30 spend, customers will receive one stamp on the card and upon collecting 10 stamps, they will be able to redeem a free main course.

5) To create Stations very own Smartened App to attract more customers via games and lucky rays to gain more brand awareness and on-going promotions.

6) Participate in the Smartened Rewards Program APS like Peer (Peer, 2012)and Squirmy. (Squirmy, 2012)

7) To open another 3 Stations Express, 2 Stations Specialties and 1 Stations Prime in 12 months.

In conclusion, Stations has the potential to bring its brand identity to the next level (high-end market) because:

1. Singapore is potentially a good market for the expansion of Stations’ western food business.

2. There is a large segment of population who is Stations’ target market including the youths and teenagers and young working adults.

3. The Stations brand is well established in Singapore and is recognized for its quality food and affordable prices. Stations has gotten good reviews from Her World Magazine, The New Paper, Weekend Today and popular food critic KEF Seethe. (Stations, 2009)

4. Singapore, especially the teenagers are influenced by western cultures and their taste buds have also gone that direction. This results Stations’ ability to take advantage of the current situation to sell more western food items. However it is important to observe the recommendations made above, in order to improve and maximize its growth.

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