Chinese consumer’s interest – Consumer behaviour

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Geographic segmentation

Geographic segmentation is relate to the location, segment the people living in the amen area have similar needs and wants and those needs and wants are different from other segments (Coffman, Bendable, Coca’s, Paladins, Ward, ; Kane 2008, p. 38).

The China’s market can divided into seven regional market, included Northeast China, North China, East China, Central China, South China, Southwest China and Northwest China.

South China (Huh-Nan) includes Fijian, Hanna, Gudgeon provinces and East China (Huh-dong) includes Shanghai, Sneezing and Jungian provinces are two main growth markets in China, those two areas are more advanced in economic system and have more well-off customers than other provinces (Cue;Gu 2000).

The geographic feature expressed that Australians wine exporters should segment those big cities as their target market in China.

Coloratura segmentation Coloratura segmentation variables involved the core cultural, subcultures memberships, cross culture and social class Coffman, Bendable, Coca’s, Paladins, Ward, ; Kane 2008, p. 46).

The Australians exporters have to understand the Chicane’s culture background when they want to entry the china’s wine market. According to the study ‘cultural differences between Australia and China’, ‘GUIANA’ is indispensable part in China’s business environment, GUIANA is a Chicane’s word offer to benefits that can be derived from social relationships, sometimes ‘GUIANA’ can overrides laws in China’s society.

But in Australia, social relationship is less important, people in Australia think freedom and equality is a part of their life. The Alcohol culture between China and Australia are quite similar, Alcohol is an indispensable part tot people’s lives, but the drinking habit is deterrent, in china drinking is used to express respect and people prefer drink quickly and get dunk quickly, but Australian drink more slowly and mix conversation when they are drinking.

Behavioral / Cryptographic segmentation

Cryptographic segmentation referred to as lifestyle analysis Coffman, Bendable, Coca’s, Paladins, Ward, ; Kane 2008, p. 46). Due to the economic growth, the living standard in China is increasing, the Chinese consumer’s interest in buying luxury goods, foreign made product such as branded handbag, watch and wine, already in 2011, China became to world’s top luxury market and will attract 44% of world’s luxury product in 2030, the demand of high quality product make China’s market have great potential of exploitation (Rebel 2012).

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