Channel – Consumer behaviour

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All 8 of them agreed that what motivates them to possess an item from Channel is because owning an item from Channel puts them in the limelight and makes them the object of Jealously. This gives them the feeling of authority. According to Rachel (the youngest in the group), whenever I carry my 2. 55 (Channel quilted bag), my peers will all look up to me and tell me how much they new me. It gives me a sense of power. Shay Chug seconded Rachel opinion adding that her Channel bag, watch and Jacket is hat sets her apart from the rest of the other aunties on the streets, especially when they are carrying a counterfeit Channel bag.

She claims that she gets preferential treatment because of her Channel items.

Consumer Knowledge

All 3 participants are well aware of Channels brief history (Channel is a French label started by Coco Channel in sass) and the products offer by Channel. Each and everyone of them can list down what Channel has to offer.

Consumer Attitude Assessment

They relate to us that Channel is one of the international brands that will pop up in heir minds when they wish to indulge themselves in something sumptuous and extravagant.

Evelyn said that the way Channel emphasize on non-complexity make other brands seems outdated. She expressed that the other competitors such as Gucci, Versa and Christian Dior could match with Channel in terms of refine quality and beauty. Consumer intentions, attitudes, beliefs and feelings They all believe that Channel provides good quality along with beautiful designs. Says Evelyn, the higher the price, the better the quality. Everyone agreed with her statement.

Culture, ethnicity and social class As our participants are brand conscious and ambitious with a hunger to outdo every other woman, it is their culture to have the desire to possess as many Channel (or any other designer label) items as possible.

Consumer behavior By weeknight

According to our participants, this statement religion and social class. Family and household influences is true regardless tot race, language, The participants feel that their family and household did not influence them at all. Evelyn said that her parents are divorced and her father won full custody of her.

As a result, there was no one to teach her about fashion or designer labels. Yet, she claims that she is Channels greatest fan. Shay also seconded Evelyn opinion as she said that she has been living with her boyfriend for 5 years. He can never influence her in any way especially when it comes to fashion. Group and personal influences They agree that they are badly influenced by celebrities or women with power. Says Rachel, I must have the same bag Nicole Kidnap has. Having the same bag as her makes me like a star myself.

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