Computer Supported Cooperative Work

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The dissertation is aimed at studying the current situation of CSCW usage by the USE businesses and to find out the ways through which these organizations can make effective use of the computer based technology and can enhance their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in both the domestic and international markets. In this context the main goals of the study are To study the role of Information technology’s tools and devices including CSCW in the growth and development of businesses all over the world To study the role that computer based technology has played in the growth and development of UAE region

To examine the current patterns of CSCW usage by the business organizations of UAE To identify the factors that are affecting the level of CSCW usage in the USE businesses To present suggestions to the UAE businesses so that they can take maximum benefits from the computer based technology There are numerous researches done around the different aspects of CSCW but unfortunately none of the research work conducted so far that specifically study the patterns of CSCW usage in UAE business organizations and points out the main factors that affects the level of CSCW usage in UAE businesses.

Thus there is great need of conducting such study because keeping in view the importance of computer based technology for development, it is crucial to study the issues surrounding it hence this dissertation is intended to fill the gap that is found in the literature regarding the research work done on the UAE business organizations and CSCW. The study expects to come up with a set of guidelines or framework for the integration of CSCW in the operations of business firms with the intent of enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

Such a framework would be very helpful for firms that are operating locally in the UAE, as well as for those that conduct operations abroad. It would also set the foundation for future work exploring this issue. Through the framework that will be established by this study, the global competitiveness of companies in the UAE will be enhanced. Moreover, those who are not already reaping the benefits that computer support cooperative work offers can begin to explore it and not long after, they will be able to use it.

Seen from a wider perspective, the use of CSCW in the business organizations in the UAE will help make businesses more viable in the technology driven and highly competitive marketplace of today’s. In this way the study possesses great significance from the business and development point of view because it is emphasizes on UAE business and the issues related with CSCW within these organizations. Computer Supported Cooperative Work – Significance for Businesses

Haring Smith (1993) explained that Computer Supported Cooperative Work – CSCW is a very broad term that refers to the understanding of the way people work in group while utilizing the technologies like computer networking, hardware, software and other computer based technique and devices. Weber Aaron (2001) revealed that CSCW is simply the understanding of human computer interaction within a group of people who used the computer technology for common purpose.

Arrow, McGrath (2002) explain that CSCW plays a significant role in big groups or organizations where people work at different positions and places for achieving common objectives. CSCW only built effective communication linkage between them but also enhance their productivity and improve their performance by supporting them with advanced computer based tools and devices

The role and significance of CSCW for the corporate sector remains an important point of concern for the researchers and a considerable portion of literature is dedicated to examine the importance of CSCW for the businesses. Hayes & Walsham (2000) revealed that the use of computers in business can result in the improvement of the overall performance of the organizations because use of computers not only empower the employees but also enhance the level of output and coordination within the businesses organization.

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