Compliment slip and business cards

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The aim was to design a logo for my company, and come up with a name for the company, to design a letterhead, a registration form, a compliment slip and business cards. I did my logo in publisher, also using software such as word art and clip art. I didn’t have any main problems in doing this. I first produced the writing in word art. I chose the font and the colour. I then went through clip art to find a relevant picture to be my logo for my company. Once I had found a suitable logo placed the logo with the writing to complete the final image.

Next I designed my letterhead, using my logo at the top. I did this in word. I put the logo at the top and then at the bottom the address that I made up. I had no problems in doing this, as it was quite simple. I then designed my registration form in word. Using the logo at the top again. I thought up suitable question that should be on a registration form such as name, address, previous work etc. To give a full effect of a registration form I placed lines next to the questions for the applicant to write on.

I next designed my compliment slip in publisher. In publisher there is a program in which already has a compliment slip layout and you just fill in the information about the business. This made it quiet simple to complete this task. Next I made up my business cards. Like with the compliment slip, in publisher there was a program, which has a business card layout, again I had to fill in the information and chose a colour scheme. I also added my logo, which I thought created earlier so give a more professional look.First I had to search the Internet for agencies in the same area as my job agency. Then I had to create a website to promote my company with information about jobs4every1.

Software and techniques I used the Internet to search for the companies in the area, I used search engines such as google, MSN and Lycos, and I typed in job agencies in Weybridge and Chertsey. I used FrontPage to create my website. Major problems The main problems I had with my website was trying to get the hyperlinks to work as they wouldn’t link with the pages. I over came this problem this by re doing the hyperlink and then it linked with the pages that I wanted it to. I also had problems with the printing of the website as it does not print the way it looks on the computer. I had to rearrange the a few things to make sure that it al fitted on the pages and made sense to look at, but this still wasn’t as good as how it looked on the computer.

Information Before I made my website, as I was searching the web for agency sites, I looked at many other sites so that I got a good idea of how an agency site would look. I also got an idea of what to put onto my site. Order of work First I went onto the Internet and search for job agencies. I used Internet search engines like google and MSN an also Lycos. I used ‘and’ search to find the websites that I wanted. I then copied the information onto a table, which I then printed out.

Next I had to create my website. I started this by creating a home page first in FrontPage. I started by putting hyperlink down one side of the page. I had four buttons, which I then hyperlink to a information page, registration form, database and home page. I would have these buttons on each page of the website. I had to insert a table to put the buttons on one side and the writing on the other, as it would not let me type next to the buttons, which I wanted to do.

Once I had created my home page, I then went into the hyperlink page from the registration form. I went into the word document of the registration form that I had already done for the other task and copied and pasted it into a table. I had to keep the table, as I wanted the buttons down the side. I then hyperlink the page database and filled in the table of information about the clients that I have in my database. I went into the hyperlink page of information. I typed information about jobs that the company has to offer and information about the jobs themselves. Once I had finished this I printed all the pages out along with a diagram of the hyperlinks of the web site. I also printed out the HTML code for the website to show all the things that I have done to create the website.

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