Complete Value Chain Process

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1. Farmer Farmer is the person who produces the farm products . He is the person who do all the processes from seeding to harvesting and taking the produce to the market . The farmer produces the produce according to the season for seasonal vegetables and fruits in his farm . Also he considers the current demand for the produce and the current rate for the produce .

But this process takes time to grow the Fruits and Vegetables and in this process the demand and the rate for the produce can increase or decrease . If there is large production of the produce the rate for the same falls and the farmer have to suffer the loss . Farmer uses different techniques for the cultivation from developing the saplings to the final harvesting . The Farmer decides which crop is to be produced in his farms depending upon the soil conditions , Climate , water availability in the area and the demand for the produce . The farmer has to carry his produce to the market on his own

2. Farm Consolidation Centre

This is the centre where the farmers bring their produce to the market . After bringing the produce to the market the rate for the produce is fixed . This rate is fixed depending on the demand and the supply of the produce . Once the rate for the produce is fixed the farmer has to sell his produce according to the fixed rate . The people from the trade union in the FCC decide the rate . After the rate is fixed the interested retailers or whole sellers buy the produce from the farmers . The retailers in the market buy from the farmers according to their requirement and the standards of the produce .

After the produce is received at the FCC the retailer do the sorting of the produce . The produce which is not upto the standards of the retailer are rejected and the farmer takes that produce back . The farmers have to bare the cost of transportation for bringing the produce to the FCC . From FCC the vegetables are dispatched to the Consolidation centre for the further suooly to the respective stores . In FCC the farmers are paid on the spot , there are no credit facilities . The farmers hve the right to sell their produce to any other agents who are ready to pay them in cash .

3. Consolidation centre

At consolidation centre the fruits and vegetables are collected from different locations and then segregated to remove the damaged fruits and vegetables . In consolidation centre some of the fruits and vegetables are taken on the basis of KG while some are taken on the basis of Qty . In consolidation centre the fruits are packed into the attractive packings . The produce are inwarded in the system and then the batch is created according to which the stocks are dispatched to the respective stores . The Fruits and vegetables are kept in a specific manner in the consolidation centre to avoid damage to the other produce .

4. Retail Store

After the fruits and vegetables are segregated , sorted and packed in a proper manner it is dispatched to the respective store on the requirement of that respective store . When the stocks arrive at the store they are inwarded in the system The retail store is the place where the customer makes the buying decision , therefore the appropriate fixture are used and required in the retail store to sell the fruits and vegetables . The display of the fruits and vegetables in the store is very important to sell the same .

5. Customer or consumer Today the competition has led the modern retailers to take decisions such as keeping the fruits and vegetables in their stores . Also the fruits and vegetables help the retailers to increase the walkins in the store . Due to this modern fruits and vegetables business the customers are assured of the quality of the produce .

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