Comparing Which, the BBC and Firebox

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The first business organisation I have chosen to describe is Which?, which I believe is a non-profitable organisation. Which? Aims to inform the public on what products are worth buying and which are not. It also reviews services, e.g. breakdown services, pubs and bars and TV services.

Which? Has been around for a while and has a reputation you can trust and it has impartial reviews. They carry out extensive product testing, not just to see how they look or perform, but to establish how reliable they are to live with considering their every day use. They test things like functionality, noisiness and ease of use. They also have campaigns like consumer rights and banking charges.

This is an example of the homepage for washing machine reviews. It has the ones that are so bad, you are advised not to get them (scores of around 20%). The best buys are about 75% and upwards which are not necessarily the cheapest or most expensive, but are the most reliable and overall best. They have 4 or 5 paragraphs of reviews , pointing out all the good and bad points, saying who would benefit from the product and who wouldn’t and they put manufacturer’s claims to the test.

This is their scoring system. They have stars out of 5 and percentages next to them, with a filtering system which allows you to filter by brand, price range, score and specific features. You can also filter by specific qualities , e.g., the suctioning power of each machine.

The BBC website

This is the British Broadcasting Corporation’s website which is run by the Government and owned by the British public, who pay the licence fee. They have so many different services and pages, it would be impossible to mention them all. Here is a relatively small sample of the BBC’s products and services. Their topics range from chat up lines to catch up TV and revision and educational sites, like Bitesize and quite a few in between. The Homepage, you can customise to show weather reports for your area and other widgets that are of interest to you personally. The website itself is updated every minute.

This is the weather for Manchester for the next 5 days and you can also have it for the next 24 hours, but this one changes all the time, so if you are planning anything, you might like to consult it just before going out. They have things like pollen count, wind direction and speed, humidity and visibility and the obvious ones like temperature and conditions. Also you can watch the weather report from the website. If you are planning a holiday, you can access weather reports for anywhere in the world.

Here is the BBC’s iPlayer which has TV and Radio for the past 7 days which you can access through the internet. You can also watch live TV or listen to the radio live also. It has a bar across the top for the most popular TV programmes and down the right-hand side, it has the programmes you have watched recently and down the right-hand side, it has the channels which were on yesterday, which were on today and what’s on now and later. In the middle, they have the popular radio stations and the other side has the most popular radio and TV shows streamed over the internet

This is, which is full of geeky paraphernalia, which range from oversized stuffed fluffy bacteria and viruses, lightsabres, electronic scales to the more ridiculous, like blankets with armholes. They also have retro products and Firebox says they do not do boring products. This website would be for people who like novelty and gimmicky products. Also it makes a good website for birthday and Christmas presents.

This is one of the products, an electric hand warmer. If your eyesight is good, you will see that the way they describe the product, they use humour within the description which I think brings some fun to quite boring parts of websites.

This is your shopping basket. You use this to place your order and make your payment. In this basket is a mug with the Table of Periodic Elements printed on it. The website takes Paypal, Visa, Master Card , American Express. If you place your order before 5pm, it should arrive 2-3 days after you have placed your order.

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