Compare the three magazine adverts

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Compare the three magazine adverts and say which you think is the most successful and WHY? ‘ In this piece of Coursework there are going to be 3 different topics because there are 3 different adverts there are the Kleenex advert, the wella advert, and the Oakley watch advert. I will be writing the purpose, understanding, target audience, techniques, and techniques for the target audience. By doing all of this I will find the most successful advert out of the three. Kleenex advert The purpose of the Kleenex advert is to show that you can never tell what is going to happen next, therefore hence the expression.

`THANKGOODNESS FOR KLEENEX’ which suits the advert with the bald headed man walking under a post where a pigeon is sat at the top, just about to relieve itself and it will probably hit the man, therefore hence the expression `PACK A POCKET PACK’. Because the man would have nothing to wipe the droppings of himself with, but if he had pack a pocket packed he could just get out 1 Kleenex tissue out and wipe the muck off. The target audiences for the Kleenex adverts are young adult’s upward most likely men or it could just are for bald headed guys.

The slogans are very catchy like `thank goodness for Kleenex’ and the alliteration for the `Pack a pocket pack’ is a pretty good tongue twister. The picture is totally clear to what the advert is about. Oakley Watch advert The purpose for the Oakley watch advert is that it is 1 of the latest, high tech, state of the art, electronic digital watch. With aramid fibres, LCD display that’s bigger and brighter, electroluminescent backlighting, a 50-run chronograph that can do 100 lap times, 3 programmable alarms and multiple countdown timers, durable, and comfortable. All of these descriptions of the watch show that is for the middle aged teen and upward for the target audience and most likely any sex as well.

The pictures show you exactly what the watch looks like and its performance level. All that Oakley is trying to do with this advert is to put big long clever words in to make their product sound fare better than it already is. So it tricks people into thinking that their product has got to be great because it explains this with all the fancy words that have got to mean something good. So really people get conned into buying things. Wella advert First in my opinion I do not think wella is as good as the first 2 adverts but I will still explain it. The purpose to the wella advert is that your hair needs looking after so give it wella.

Wella can give you the control that you need to style your hair with just your finger tips and that all their products are so easy to understand plus use. The target audience is young adults because more younger people are styling their hair in all sorts of ways, so by saying it gives you more control people will think that whatever hair style they may have, their hair will stay the same for even longer.

The picture is trying to say well if your clothes have labels on why not your hair as well. The slogan `life is too short to spend it in front of the mirror’ and `Wella. Beautiful hair need an expert’ are just a bit too corny and sad for my liking. Wella just in this one advert try to say that they are the experts of their types of products.

Best advert The most successful advert in my point of view is the Kleenex advert because all though the watch one came close the Kleenex one stuck in my mind the most so it would be easier to pick something out that I can remember better than the other one. The Wella one was the worst in my case but maybe other people have thaught of it as the most successful (most likely girls to pick the Wella one). This is the end of my media coursework and I have only got one more thing to say, “pick a pocket pack”. (It’s easy to say)

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