Compare the function of formats and locations in retailing

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I will now compare the different types of store types. The main store types that I believe are shopping centres, shopping malls and in- town shopping. A shopping mall will have numerous of shops of all together where as in-town shopping centres will have high street and local shops in them. Chimes centre is in Uxbridge which is an example of in-town shopping centre. Also Blue water in Kent is an example of a shopping mall. Both of these shopping centres will have similarities and differences.

Shopping centres won’t have different types of stores such as independent, supermarkets and charity shops because the space will be too much and cost a lot of money for them. High streets will have the different types of stores as mentioned above because the cost will be viable. Multiple stores will have businesses such as River Island, Water stones and House of Fraser which will be accessible to both shopping malls and high streets. Blue water Kent is easily accessible to train stations and hotels which will boost tourists to come in the shopping centre.

In the in-town shopping centre such for Uxbridge Chimes is mainly central of the town where all the customers will be shopping and will know all the places really well. Bicester village is an example of a shopping outlet which is primarily located in the Oxford area near the Oxford town centre Bicester village sells a wide variety clothes at highly expensive prices due to the fact they sell brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry. Lots of customers will be going to the shopping outlet as it is quite near the Oxford area.

The Uxbridge chimes is located in Uxbridge. It has a lots of tranport links to trains and buses such as the A30 bus goes directly from Wycombe to Uxbridge. Customers can get there easier just like Blue water Kent. Uxbridge has cheap land where you will be able to find more independent shops, charity shops and multiple shops such as New Look, Bhs, and JD Sports. In Blue water Kent there will be department stores such as House of Fraser and John Lewis.

Blue water Kent is located in the London area lots of people will come to Blue water Kent as it has its transport links covered you can access trains to the mall and use the Arriva bus service as well to get to the shopping mall. Blue water Kent attracts approximately 27 million vistors a year which brings a lot of profit to the centre. In Blue water Kent sell a wide range of products to customers to ensure they meet there needs and wants. In comparison to land Blue water Kent costs a lot of money than Bicester village.

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