Compare the effectiveness of two adverts

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Compare the effectiveness of two adverts concerned with animal welfare in appealing to their target audience and achieving their purpose They are both adverts that are trying to stop different aspects of the animal trade. One is trying to stop you eating animals and the other one is trying to stop you wearing animals; but both involve killing animals. The audience for the fur advert is women, over 20 years because they can afford fur and they are seen as more caring and they are starting a family and the advert appeals to people with caring, family values.

The purpose of this advert is to persuade people to stop buying animal fur clothes so that it will stop animals being killed for their fur. The advert would be put in a women’s magazine so the target audience is able to see it and when they go to buy fur this might stop them. The purpose of the veggie advert is to persuade people to stop eating meat so that it will stop people killing animals for meat to make money out of hurting animals. The advert would be placed in a fitness magazine to try and stop people eating meat when they can have veggie.

The audience for the veggie advert are men and women over 17 years because they have started making their own decisions about what they eat and because they have that choice they don’t know what to eat so they will eat anything that looks and tastes good. The advert is designed to inform young people of the veggie option when they are making their choice. The main image of the fur advert is Twiggy Lawson holding a dog close to her with their eyes close together looking at the camera to make it look like they are looking at you.

Because she is holding the dog close it makes her look like a caring person who wants to help animals from being killed for their rare fur. The words on the advert are “if you wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur. ” This means if you own a dog and you wear fur then why don’t you wear your dog’s fur. At the bottom of the advert it says “the only difference between our “best friends” and animals killed for their fur is how we treat them. ” This is making the link between the pets at home and loves are the same as the animals killed for their fur.

” All animals suffer when they have their necks broken or are electrocuted for their pelts. ” This is emotive language to make the reader almost feel the suffering of the animals. This is saying that we treat animals differently; we won’t care if a fox got killed but if a dog did then we would all be sad about it. The advert is trying to make us have the same emotional response to the suffering of all animals. They put her full name at the top “Twiggy Lawson” which is saying that she is not there as a model but as a family persons now and most families have a pet like a dog or cat.

The colour of the writing is pink which means it is for a woman as that is what pink is linked too. The layout of the veggie advert is six pictures of food that make it look like they are all made of meet but when you look closer you can see that they are not meat but they are veggie. Then it has six boxes with writing in saying things about saving animals lives and helping your health. The name of the advert is “choose life – go veggie” which is saying that if you choose meat you’re choosing death as it is killing animals.

At the bottom of the advert it says “it’s easier than you think! ” because there is a ‘you’ there it means it is talking to you personality. At the top of the advert it has five images of animals that are mostly used in meat products all the images of the animals are all babies so it looks more cute is has the sun coming up over the corn which get made in the bread which is what most meat foods are severed in. The language of the fur advert is persona as it says you a lot so it is speaking to the reader a lot.

At the bottom where it says how the animals are killed people will read that and feel bad for the animal they are wearing and it will stop them wearing fur again. The language of the veggie advert is persona too as is most adverts trying to stop animals being killed. The writing is all in capitals so it stands out more when people see it they eyes are drawn to it as that is the biggest writing. All the little boxes are something to do with doing well and getting something in return.

The overview of both adverts is that they are able to get people to look at them easily as the writing stands out. Both they images are well though up so they are able to make people think about what they are doing. The advert are also able to tell the reader what happens to the animals that are being killed all over the world as the writer know that the reader will see this and think about what is happening to the animal they are wearing. They both have a website that the reader can go to find out more information and how they can help.

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