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Compare the Advertisement “Can you light a fire? ” with Gemma Warren’s article “Teaching is quite simply the beat job in the world! ” Which is the most successful in showing that teaching is a job worth doing? Both articles differ and agree to different extents. The government to attract possible teachers to the profession has generated the first article; we must take that factor into account when examining its presentational devices, its language and the factors of teaching it includes. The second article refers more to the personal experiences of a teacher, her opinions and feelings about the profession.

It lists both the positive and negative aspects of the job and how it’s affected her It’s clear that the government material is designed to be inspiring and moving, as it is more of an advert than anything else, for the job. It constantly refers to you as the subject and how your life could be affected positively because of the profession. It has a lot of enticing figures and facts, that all back up its argument that teaching is a job worth doing. It lists pay expectations, and where you could go from this profession. It uses strong language and imagery to appeal to the reader.

The relationships created between the text, its shape and the imagery used are very strong. The audience this is designed for would be somewhere near people like university graduates who are possible future teachers in the education sectors mind. They have therefore engineered the article to appeal to these younger years not only by including thing such as possible pay expectations but how the profession can cause both pupil and teacher development over time. In contrast the article achieves the same kind of affect, but using different language and makes the reader think in a different way.

The author instead of being a government worker is now an experienced teacher who shares her opinions with us about the subject. It is obvious from the start that the conclusion of the article will be that teaching is a good career to go into, but we are enticed to read on to find out for what reasons this career is good and bad. Whereas the advertisement asks a question in the title – “Can you light a fire? ” which makes you read on to discover if you could be a possible candidate for teaching.

Its these two methods of enticing people to read on that can be clearly sent to match the guidelines for an advert and how it should appeal to people. Unlike the article the advert has no negative aspects and therefore has a very positive yet bias overlook. This means that the article might be better for enticing people to become a teacher than the advert because it makes the reader feel more informed about what they are letting themselves into, both the negative and positive aspects are reviewed and not just the positive like in the advert. However the article does not contain information for wanna-be teachers like the advert does.

It doesn’t have any pay expectations or what you have to be like to do the job, what A-levels you need or anything like those. Whereas the advert is far more informing in this sense, because it is intended to include and broadcast this info to any people who are looking at the profession as a possible career. But then again the article is not intended to do this. Gemma Warren usually publishes part of the Educational Supplement in a mainstream newspaper like the Times, which is for the more serious and intellectually motivated than The Daily Star or the Sun even.

Intellectual members of society like teachers would therefore buy and read this newspaper and just like Financial advisers read the economic pages some teachers will always read the educational supplement. This is not intended as an advertisement but as information for already employed teachers, how they are not alone in their experiences, other teacher’s opinions upon changes in the system and other such material, all designed to support teachers and appeal to them not to necessarily attract new people to the profession.

This support for the already qualified teachers being the key focus for the article can be shown by the passage opposite the World in the title in the bold text down the center. At the end of it, it says – “be assured, you have made the right decision” which after discussing some of benefits and draw backs of the profession illustrates how the article was generated to appeal to already qualified teachers.

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