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Perkins operates in the secondary sector, you can tell this because Perkins uses raw materials to manufacture different engines. Perkins customers are other companies like Rover, JCB, McOrmic and Cattapillar. Cattapillar may own Perkins but Perkins manufactures engines for them. Perkins main competition are world wide companies like Cummins, Deutz, Volvo Penta, IVECO, Sisu Diesel.

Perkins has experienced changes in recent years. Perkins now sell more engines than ever before this is so they can make more of a profit and to keep one step ahead of the competition (these are the engines they make;) Business activity for Morrisons Morrisons operates in the tertiary sector we know this because they sell their stock to the general public. The shareholders for Morrisons are the general public. Morrisons main customers are the localised public.

The main competition for Morrisons are; Tesco who are the largest supermarket in the top 4, ASDA who are number 2 in the top 4, and Sainsbury’s who are number 3 in the top 4. Comparison for business activity (A2) he similarities of the business activities between Morrisons and Perkins are they have both grown in recent years by getting many more customers and competition has weakened. Each company has a wider range of products for example Morrisons sell non-food items like clothes, electronic products and kitchen items. Perkins now sell a range of power engines.

The differences are that they operate in different sectors and they sell to different kinds of customers, Morrisons sells to the general public and Perkins sells to other companies. As each company sells different kinds of products they get different kinds of customers.

Business ownership (A1) Business ownership for Perkins; Perkins is a private limited company this means that they invite people to buy their shares from their company and they do not sell to the general public. The parent company of Perkins is Cattapillar who are also a customer of Perkins. Cattapillar is a public limited company. Perkins limited liability this means that if your company gets bankrupt you only pay back what you have lost, unlike unlimited liability where you can loose everything.

Morrisons business ownership. Morrisons is a public limited company this means that they sell shares to the general public. Even though it is plc it is in the private sector because it tries to make a profit unlike in the public sector which is there to provide a service. Morrisons is now the parent company of Safeway because they bought them for 3,000,000,000. Business ownership comparison(A2).

One difference of the two companies is that Perkins has a parent company (Cattapillar) and Morrisons is a parent company (of Safeway). A similarity of the two companies is that they both have Annual General Meetings (AGMs), at an AGM shareholders come together and vote for new director and represent their interests for the company. Companies have ton register with the registrar of companies, this is at the companies house, you must fill out a number of documents including; A memorandum of association, which gives details about the company including name, address, activity and shares of the company. Articles of association giving details of the voting rights of shareholders, how profits will be shared and what the directors will do. After this a certificate of incorporation will then be given to the company so that they can start trading.

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