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Chester Zoo is one of the best zoos in the UK because of its sheer size and diversity of its collection, in the compelling innovation of its design, and in the breathtaking beauty of its gardens, it has had a profound influence upon the style and development of zoological gardens all around the world. So they would want to come across as very professional, easy accessible for domestic and inbound tourists with road, train, air and possibly even by sea.

It may seem extraordinary that a small Roman city in the North of England should hold such an outstanding zoo, but then the founder of Chester Zoo was a remarkable and redoubtable man. His name was George Mottershead, and he was one of the last great animal collectors of this century. So Chester zoo is not only popular because of its size and collection of animals but history with it. So they are aiming to build there zoo as a brand image. Speed and accuracy of service

Chester zoo were very good dealing with customers as they had a lot of staff on site and there is also a leader so it prevents from customers waiting for too long. You can also book your ticket online, so overall the speed and accuracy of their service were up to standard. Products and services offered/meet customer needs Chester zoo is a non-profit organization and its aim is to support and promote conservation by breeding threatened animals, providing excellent animal welfare, high quality public service, recreation, education and science.

Facilities that are offered in general are Zoofari Overhead Monorail, Waterbus, Children’s farm and Aquarium. For catering they have 3 restaurants where you can enjoy anything from a hot meal through to afternoon tea or you can bring your own lunch and enjoy a picnic in one of their beautifully landscaped gardens. For children they offer a children’s adventure playground, interactive activates, discovery trail and face painting. For disabled people Chester Zoo is fully accessible for all, disabled toilets, parking, wheelchair hires, hearing and visual aids. Consistency

Chester zoo were very consistent the service they provide to each customer is at the same speed, quickly and efficiently. Offering information and advice After buying your ticket at the reception they hand you a leaflet which all the information about Chester Zoo the leaflet includes the different species of animals, a map of the entire zoo, places to eat, timetables for animal feeding and much more. Complaints procedures Chester Zoo has a complaint form which you can get from the reception or call in to the customer service number which can be found on their website.

Advice and information can be obtained from the Animal Division if the complaint relates to animal management. If in the Zoo the staff deals with it and take the customer to a quieter area to calm them down then deal with it. The benefits of excellent customer service and the consequences of poor customer service Meet and exceed customer expectations Meeting customer needs is important because the customers will be satisfied with the organisation in this case the zoo and will come back with other friends or family, therefore the Zoo will in increase profits and become more popular.

A large part of any travel and tourism operations involve dealing with customers and satisfying their needs in my opinion Chester Zoo did. Therefore it makes sense that providing a high standard of customer service is the main priority. The dictionary defines satisfaction as to adequately meet expectations, this is not the case in travel and tourism as adequate is the minimum that needs to be done. In travel and tourism a company should exceed the customer’s expectations to provide the best possible service.

Meeting customer expectation means to show what customer expect such as providing excellent service and to recruit staff that are knowledgeable so when the customer asks a question about the zoo for information or for advice they should be able to answer them straightaway the staff at Chester Zoo were very knowledgeable because every employee has to go through a vigorous training program which also includes knowing things about animal welfare. Maintaining safety in a Zoo is very important.

When a customer enters the Zoo they should feel safe and secure. There are signs throughout the zoo such not feeding animals through the cages, Zookeepers; Zookeepers are the people who do the day to day work of feeding and cleaning the animals. They also take care of the area where the animals live. Zookeepers prepare the food and feed the animals, clean their areas of waste, make repairs, and help provide a happy home for the animals. Repeat business

The point of good customer service is to give the zoo a good reputation, so that the customers return and so that they will recommend the organisation to others and vice versa if you provide bad customer the service customers will recommend not returning back to the zoo. To repeat business Chester Zoo give special offers for repeating customers. A better public image If Chester Zoo provides good customer service they will get a good public image. Existing customers will be pleased with the Zoo and possibly write good reviews which will lead to new customers being encouraged to visit the zoo.

Poor public image – if the zoo gets bad public image possible customers will not return back to the zoo. An edge over the competition Providing excellent customer service will lead the zoo having a competitive edge from their competitors and the customers will come back again, therefore the other zoos will have decreased their sales and profits. Lack of competitive edge –They will lose in their competition because if they have unsatisfied customers then the competitors will gain more sales and profit.

Happy workface (job satisfaction): Good internal customer service means that staff will get more job satisfaction. This simply means they will enjoy their work more and are more likely to do it to their full capacity. This means that customer service will be greatly improved. Unhappy and inefficient workforce (no job satisfaction) – in an organisation if the staff are not happy, then it will lead to de-motivated staff and the customer will not be satisfied.

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