Companies in today’s

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In addition, most companies in today’s modern world use DRM to keep a tight rein on the digital media content. This technology does not really stop copyright pirates but instead impede the lawful use of movies, music, files and other copyrighted works in the web. To the extent, DRM hinders the legal uses of digital media. DRM also prevents users from making a back up file of the movies, music and the like downloaded from the internet, also prevents recording TV shows and remixing movie clips. (http://www. eff.

org/issues/drm) One of the key problems in establishing a DRM is that up till now, the solidification of aspects of copyright law has been agreeable upon to a certain amount of indeterminacy or there are areas of legal “greyness”. The laws that support the institutionalism of intellectual property construct a balance between the rights of the owner and the public realm of knowledge. The very core of the DRM is to eliminate this “greyness” which allowed flexibility in the public/private Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

This DRM technology was basically intended to shore up private rights. These legal rights will be incorporated in technologies that made violation impossible and less dependent. According to some experts, DRM merely enables copyright holders to establish the rights they have had in law. DRM is actually aimed at controlling the first access of the content then monitor the material accessed. The table below shows the “hard” and “soft” DRM.

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