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On this task I am going to give a description of the cleaning position advertised by Bolton College. Job title is General Cleaning Operative. Successful candidates will be working ten hours per week, wage will be 6. 85 per hour, it will be on Monday and Friday from 3. 00 pm to 5. 00 m; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4. 00 pm to 6. 00 pm, the job reference is 16-11, the closing date would be 21 January 2011. There are some skills required for this role; successful candidate will provide general cleaning duties across a range of Community College, rooms and areas.

We expect creative workers to create a clean and welcoming environment to college student, staff and visitors. Responsibilities and duties would be; to provide an onsite resource for all cleaning duties as directed by the Community Colleges cleaning Service Level Agreement. To use equipment provided by the college, for which training will be given. Flexibility to the task of general cleaning duties is essential. The ability to work part of a team. To take part in any staff development training considered necessary e. g. lifting and handling, health and safety etc.

To attend term staff meetings required. To carry our any other duties as may be required by the principals, commensurate with the grade and nature of the post. To encourage and promote a positive attitude towards Equal Opportunities in the activities of the college. In carrying out their duties the appointee must; comply with health and safety regulations, be aware of the college statement on health and safety, Bolton-Community-College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

In addition to that the personal skills required for the job should be; previous experience of cleaning, previous experience of handling cleaning equipment, able to work as a member of a team of staff on own initiative, also flexibility to cover different areas of building and cover for sick staff is required, the ability to communicate effectively at all levels, also there.

More over there is a special requirement such as; to share the college its commitment on safeguarding and promotion the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults, and the willingness to undertake trainings, physically fit; the college has a target of no more than 10 days absence per employee per annum, shortlisted applicants will be required to demonstrate that this can be reasonably achieved by them detailing their absence record including dates and reasons for each period of absence over the last 12 months and by completion of medical questionnaire and assessment by occupational health, absence related to a one-off medical complaint e.

g. operation or pregnancy-related illness will be disregarded in this assessment. Recruitment could be such a lottery if it isn’t done correctly. Skills are important to success of the college and for the role of the job, almost all modern workplaces need their employees to communicate well with each other, their supervisors or managers and their customers or service users it’s impossible for Bolton College to over a good service unless its employees work as a team and communicate. A lot of jobs within the college need workers who have the skills and ability to use numbers, computers, telephones and the written word to get things done.

About ten years ago it may have been possible to do a basic practical job using job-specific practical skills learnt at work without using any reading or writing skills. Increasingly all workers doing practical jobs now have to use literacy skills to keep records and follow instructions. In the college they expect employees to train and continue to improve their skills. One of the skills from all the employees is problem solving, sometimes things go wrong so it’s very important to have the ability to solve the problem safely, quickly and effectively and also learn from it to prevent it happening again, is crucial to business success.

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