Communication within Mars

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There are four forms of communication that are used. These are technological, verbal, written and non-verbal. Such things are a telephone. This is both technological and verbal. It is the most frequently used type of communication. Its great benefit is that it is quick and allows people who would find it difficult to meet to converse. An interview is verbal communication. It is with someone from outside the organisation that may be interested in something the organisation has done. A business letter is a written form of communication.

It may be used to make arrangements without the need for parties to meet, to provide both parties with a permanent record of such arrangements and to confirm verbal arrangements. Mars use this type of communication, it is traditional but takes longer than more modern types of communication. Facsimiles or faxes are a technological form of communication. It has experienced massive expansion over recent years and it is capable of sending both written and visual information. Faxes send the information electronically over the telephone lines.

Mars use this communication method it is fast and reliable. Electronic mail is a technological form of communication. It is an alternative to letters. It is sent through a service provider. The sender forwards the document to the receiver’s email address, not directly to the recipient. When the receiver logs onto his or her computer system, he or she can see on screen there is a message waiting for them. The key advantages of email is that it is faster than ordinary mail, you do not have to bother to print the message, put it in an envelope with a stamp, etc.

Also it is more environmentally friendly as less paper and energy are used. Mars and all large companies now use the internet to communicate with consumers, employees, employers and providers for the company. Mars use it as it is simple and qick also very reliable. Videos and CDs are technological forms of communication. It is an interesting method of providing a variety of interested parties with visual information about the organisation’s activities. Video conferencing is also a technological form of communication.

It makes it possible to have face-to-face meetings with people who are geographically separated. The advantages of this are that it saves time and travel expenses, it is ready access to supplementary sources of information and enables people who work from home to communicate with others. Video conferencing is used when Mars want to communicate face to face with someone either in a different part of the country or the world. It is a reliable form of communication providing visual communication as well as audio.

Non-verbal forms of communication are things such as sign language and gestures such as smiling at someone. Administration would mainly use word processing packages, Excel and databases. Within an organisation such as Mars, word processing will occur in day-to-day jobs of writing letters to customers, staff and recording new ideas and strategies. Mars would use databases to record and hold information on many customers. From the databases Mars can understand what product from their range they should aim towards each customer.

Mars mainly use databases to store information which includes accounts, customer information e. g. retailers who purchase frequently this enables mars to identify trends and the information helps production to produce sufficient quantities of the product. E-mails are used to communicate within the company from one employee to another so that they do not need to leave their desks which saves time. E-mails are also receive from customers and these are auctioned by the relevant people.

The Internet is used to promote their product and to provide information about the company and to recruit new members of staff. They use face-to-face to communicate with one another to undertake the activities of the business. The telephone is used internally by staff that need to contract one another and externally to communicate with customers and suppliers. Mars is a well-known name in a large market; this is because Mars have advertised through television which communicates to their potential customers and existing one about their products.

They also had a very catchy slogan “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”. This slogan will catch the consumer’s attention and encourage them to buy from Mars. When advertising for staff, Mars do this internally and externally. Internally, notices are posted around the Mars factory. All workers have the opportunity for promotion if they have the skills and qualities required for the position. Mars also go though job centres or issue advertisements in papers as well as on the internet. The Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is used in organisations to enable them to control stock efficiently.

EPOS is carried out when the product is being sold over the counter. The bar code is taken and this helps the manufacturer and retailer to know how much stock is being sold. The bar code also provides information on the price, product and country or region. For Mars, EPOS would be used when one of their products is being sold over the counter, it is recorded that the product has been sold and therefore this indicates what chocolates are popular in different branches. EPOS is conducted by the retailer and it helps understand the demand.

Computer Aided Design will help Mars as the organisation can use it to design a new structure of a product or of packaging. Computer Aided Manufacturing is used to make the product, computers will control the follow of production. Businesses need to communicate with a range of individuals and organisations. This includes their customers, their competitors, their suppliers and their own employees. The efficient communication of information is important for organisations that operate in competitive markets. Accurate information is needed to manage efficient production, marketing, distribution and cost control.

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